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March 25, 2010

State Tweets

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est State Tweets
(C) AL: In Alabama, a probate judge collects $1/notary commission issued. And you thought American Idol Judges raked it in.

(C) AK: There’s no set fee for Acknowledgments for an Alaska Notary & no set term for an Alaska Governor if her name is Sarah

(C) AK: A notary in Anchorage, AK says, “We sign loans in 8 different languages!” That doesn’t count rubbing noses together.http://www.123notary.com/notary-result.asp?state=AK&n=Anchorage&county=70

(C) AZ: Arizona Notary: There’s a max mileage fee for notary work set by the state which is really low. Actualmileagemayvary. http://www.123notary.com/arizona_notary/

(C) An AZ Notary may only charge a small mileage fee: not enough 2make a living. Hence the signs: Will Notarize For Food. http://www.123notary.com/arizona_notary/

(C) In Arkansas, attestation to a document is an official notary act. As for unofficial notary acts, catch Arkansan Idol. http://www.123notary.com/arkansas_notary/

(A-) CA: How long is a notary commission or term of office good for? It varies from state to state. In California & Florida it is 4 years.

(C) California has more mobile notaries than any other state #notary. If you call stuck in rush hour all day “mobile”.

(C) We helped many California Notaries rewrite their notes sections. We took out all the Hey, Dudes. Nice Makeover

(C) CA notaries must THUMBPRINT signers of POA & Deeds. Their thumbs w/be too dark to notice if hitchiking home!

(C) Personal knowledge of the signer is still acceptable in Delaware. Unless the signer is named “John Doe.”

(C) CO: A Colorado notary was asked to notarize medical marijuana docs. The signer asked, “So, what FORM of payment would you like?”

(C) CO notary law lets a notary charge for making copies. Wish they could make copies of the laughter on 2 ½ Men.

(C) CT notaries are appointed to a 5 year term! $120 application fee.
1 year more than the President.

(A) DC: If you live in Maryland, DC, or Virginia you could become a dual or triple commissioned notary in multiple states!

(A) If you work for the federal gov, you can be a DC notary yet live in ANY state you like! .

(A-) FL: We helped many Florida notary publics rewrite their notes section recently!
Nice makeover! http://www.123notary.com/florida_notary/

(C) You can be a dual commissioned notary if you live IN Florida near AL/GA, but not the other way around. Sorry…

(A) FL, CA & TN allow expired drivers licenses as acceptable ID if less than five years after the ISSUE DATE

(C) Non-atty notaries in GA cannot sign loans, but there is big $ in regular notary work! Especially if you’re Beyoncé.

(C) A Hawaii notary public can get a tax deduction for their boating hobby! Then their ship really will come in!

(A-) ID: We have dozens of dual state notary in Idaho & Washington. They get 2x the jobs!

(?++) ID: A Washington State Notary can become an Idaho Notary & vice versa. Make 2x the $ with a dual commission.

(C) IL: An Illinois notary public tells us this story about how her journal saved a man’s home. Keep good records!

(C) IN: You should ideally get a TPL if you want to sign loans in Indiana. Or at least the title: Hoosier.

(B+) IA: Many notaries in Iowa are discussing their Real Estate background at the top of their notary notes.

(A) KS: We have dozens of dual state notary in Kansas & Missouri. They get 2x the jobs!

(?++) We have dozens of dual state notaries in KS & MO. They get 2x the jobs. Finally, multi-tasking that isn’t annoying!

(C) KY: Kentucky notaries can notarize outside of their state providing the documents are recorded in state.

(C) The Louisiana notary exam is the hardest in the nation. Or maybe it seems harder in Louisiana because they’re high. http://www.123notary.com/louisiana_notary/

(C) LA: Many Louisiana notaries can only work within their Parish or reciprocal Parishes

(C) MA: A Massachusetts notary public can NOT do loan signings unless they are a licensed Attorney

(C) MA: There is very little competition among notaries in MA. There are very few traveling notaries there #notarypublic

(C) Maine Notaries can solemnize marriages w/a license. If the in-laws don’t grant their seal of approval, notaries can!

(C) MI: Our Detroit notaries are some of the best QUALIFIED in the nation. Hope they can witness a Detroit resurgence!

(?+) MS: Many Mississippi notaries get dual commissioned in Tennessee too so they can service Memphis! #notarypublic

(?) MD: Maryland Notary Public: You need a Title Producer License to sign loans in this state.

(A) MO: We have dozens of dual state notary in Kansas & Missouri. They get 2x the jobs!

(C) Make a whopping $1 per signature as a Minnesota Notary. That’s a buck more than celebrities get for their autographs!

(C) Many MN notaries are dual commissioned in WI & make extra $ on other side of border. Talk about a borderline killing. http://www.123notary.com/minnesota_notary/

(C) Hire a Montana Notary who is great at performing shotgun weddings & notarizing gun permit applications.
(C) A spaceship landed.
A NM notary asked, “are you going to abduct me?”
“No, but can you LIKE us on Facebook?”

(?) OH: Find a notary who offers happy-hour specials on our Ohio Notary Public search page.
(?) OK: Find a notary in Broken Arrow or Broken Seal on our Oklahoma Notary page. If it ain’t broken, don’t affix it.
(?) OR: Find an Oregon notary who covers strange sounding places like Walla Walla, Tillamook or Madras.
(?) PA: Find a notary near the Liberty Bell in our Pennsylvania notary public search page. It’s all it’s “cracked” up to be!
(?) PA: Find a notary near the Liberty Bell in our Pennsylvania notary public search page. Nothing cheesy but the steaks.
(?) PA: Find “notar-ly like” in the city of brotherly love in our Pennsylvania notary public search page.

(?) Find a notary who services all five counties of Rhode Island & can “musical note-arize” at the Newport Jazz Festival! http://www.123notary.com/rhode_island_notary/

(?+) SC: To perform loan signings in SC, MA or GA, you need to be an Attorney, but there is plenty of regular notary public work!http://www.123notary.com/south_carolina_notary/

(A-) TN: One Tennessee notary was offered some moonshine at a signing

(?++)Please inform TN notaries: it is bad manners to bring a gun to a signing. Chew on that (with your mouth closed).

(?++) TX: A Texas Notary was offered MOONSHINE at his last signing! He could have witnessed a hangover.

(?) TX: We have several notaries in Texas who claim to cover all 254 counties. #notarypublic

(?) UT: A notary public in Utah can charge no more than the Federal mileage rate as a travel fee

(?) Ben & Jerry’s idea 4new SIGNATURE flavor for notaries:
Notorious ribbon — vanilla sealed w/ dark chocolate ink.

(?) VT: Please ask Ben & Jerry’s to create a new flavor for notaries such as VANILLA VENUE, or Vanilla Almond Affiant

(?) VT: Please ask Ben & Jerry’s to create a new flavor like Rocky Gravel Driveway or Personallly appearing pistachio

(?+) VA: Virginia notaries can notarize outside their state providing the documents are to be recorded in state. #notarypublic

(A-) VA: Many Virginia notaries in Fairfax County choose to be dual commissioned in DC to make extra money

(A-) WA: We have dozens of dual state notary in Oregon & Washington. They get 2x the jobs!

(A-) WA: A Washington State notary can make extra money by getting a dual commission in Idaho and going to Coeur D’alene!

(?) There are so few notaries in WV, if you cover a wide range, you’ll have a monopoly! Then you can buy Marvin Gardens.http://www.123notary.com/West_Virginia_notary/

(?) WI: Many Wisconsin notaries choose to make 2x the money and get commissioned in Illinois as well

(?) WY: Distances are huge, but there are only a few dozen active mobile notaries Until I had to go & open my big mouth. http://www.123notary.com/wyoming_notary


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