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January 3, 2012

Finding a notary for adoption papers

Notary for Adoption 

If you need a notary for an adoption, keep in mind that there might be many documents to be notarized.  However, the notary is not free to give advice about any of these documents. The notary public just makes sure that you signed the documents and notarizes your signature(s). That is it.  You (the signer) will be required to sign the notary journal once for each signature that is being notarized. If you need advice about the notary procedures for an adoption, please consult an attorney.  The notary’s purpose is only to notarize documents and NOT to give advice…

Adoption paperwork packages tend to be long and cumbersome, so please allow ample time to read and sign the long stack of documents.

Please use 123notary.com to find a notary that can help you with your unique needs!

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