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January 23, 2019

What are Mobile Notary Fees?

The states decide what a Notary can charge for Notary services, but few states have rules for what a Mobile Notary or Traveling Notary can charge for mobile services and waiting time.

Notaries in most states (NV & MD have restrictions I’ve heard) can charge whatever they want for Mobile Notary Fees. There are many factors that determine a Notary’s fees. I will list these factors below. Rates generally range from $20 to $50 for mobile fees plus notary fees which differ by the state.

Notaries with experience typically set their rates higher. The fee depends on how desperate or arrogant they are. Rates can really vary, so shop around. But, realize that getting the best rate is not always the best idea because knowledge and experience count. Also note, that years of experience rarely translate into knowledge. Most Notaries are show offs and typically brag about how many years they have been doing this job. But, when you drill them on knowledge, you might find out they have about the same knowledge as someone doing this for two years who reads Notary tutorials and handbooks regularly. A word to the wise!

Notaries charge for distance. Some calculate distance based on miles, while others focus more on how long it will take. Others charge by what county you are in or what particular area you are in. It will save you money if you find someone close.

Time of Day
If you hire a Notary during the day, there are more Notaries operating, and the price is lower. If you want a Notary to go to a hospital at 3am, you might be looking at paying double or triple the normal fee. Sometimes the Notaries who offer 24 hour service will yell at you and ask, “Why are you calling me so late? Do you have any idea what time it is?”

Type of Job
If the job is a document signing or loan signing the price will be more of a standard price. Most Notaries do loan signings for $70 to $110 unless they consider themselves to be fancy in which case the price would be $125 to $175. Hospital and Jail jobs cost more because there is more involved, more legal risk, more waiting time, and the clients are normally more difficult. Additionally, since fewer Notaries will do hospital and jail signings, the price by default goes up.

If the Notary needs to print or fax anything the price goes up.

Waiting Time
If you keep an experienced Notary waiting, they will normally want to get some sort of compensation for their time. Some have a set rate while others have a very foggy idea of what to do if you keep them waiting. Try to be prepared so you don’t keep anyone waiting.

Legal Advice
Please do not ask a Notary for legal advice. They are not authorized to give any, and you will not get good information from a notary about legal matters anyway unless they are an Attorney Notary. Ask an Attorney who is competent and specializes in whatever your question is.

Document Drafting
Ask an Attorney where to get your document drafted and what terms to put in it. Notaries should not help in drafting documents unless they are legally authorized to do so which is rare.


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  1. My fee needs to cover MY COSTS and make some money for my services. Honestly, with some of the offers I have had, I would be paying them instead of making ANY profit, and I work hard to get the best prices for paper and toner AND the pens to write with. I have read that average fees for a CA NSA are $150, but if said NSA has to travel even one hour, he/she makes no profit. I live in a rural area, where we do NOT have 24/7 FedEx/UPS shipping, some jobs are 2+hours from my home, and I make no bones about charging $100.00 extra for travel bc there will probably be NO shipping distribution centers and often no drop boxes, which means I will have to travel aGAIN to get the package dropped. I agree about the training, but I will continue to charge high bc I check the document page by page, ALWAYS check ink color, check my printouts to be sure that my printer didn’t skip or misprint, call/email the vendor/title company, check ALL documents before I leave the signing table, check MY work before I seal the documents and keep my WORD about dropping the documents when I said that I would. For signings where I am asked NOT to bring a copy for the signers I print out one copy of any pages to be signed so that the signer can make an error, but I will ship the package error free. These are ALL MORE important than ANY explanation of the purpose of ANY of the documents. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY and can be prosecuted for giving ANY legal advice at a signing. If I am arrogant it is only bc I realize that God is always watching my work, and it matters for me to do the best job possible.

    Comment by betty — February 25, 2019 @ 7:42 pm

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