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October 14, 2011

Notary Carry All Bag

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A few years ago we were selling the NNA’s Notary Carry All Bag. I used this bag during my entire notary career.  It had a little pouch or compartment for just about everything you could imagine.  There was room for my journal, acknowledgment pads, jurat certificate pads, seal, embosser, pens, and more!  Unfortunately for me, I was not able to sell more than a handful, but NNA sells them and will ship them for you!
For mobile notaries, I highly recommend getting a small bag with a small lock to lock the two little handles for the zipper together.  NNA’s notary carry all bag comes with a tiny lock and key, so that you can fulfill the California notary public rule of keeping your seal and journal under lock and key!
I kept this bag in my trunk, since I was always on the go as a mobile notary.  Unfortunately, on one forbidding evening, I went to the gym.  My mind was racing with all types of uneasy thoughts as I pounded my feet on the treadmill.  I spent an hour or so at that gym in Rosemead, CA.  And then, when I went back to my car — it had been broken into, and my notary carry all bag was missing, along with a few other items that would be worthless to the ignorant crook who stole them. I went to the police department, and filled out a report. They were very rude to me.  So, after that event, I kept this little bag safe and sound behind a huge plastic crate of emergency supplies which I keep in my car in case there is an earthquake.  We are in California after all!  I wrote to Sacramento, to our Secretary of State notary division to tell them about my tragedy. I had a new seal, bag, and embosser in about two weeks and was back in business.  Ouch!! That was a terrible experience.
The moral of the story is that a carry all bag is essential, but keep it in a place where the crooks can’t find it.  Have hidden place in your car where nobody would look except for you — and perhaps homeland security!!!



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  2. I use a briefcase for my journal and stamp and it has 2 combination locks. I carry the sealed documents ready to ship on my briefcase to drop them and store my briefcase rest of the day in the trunk of my car. Bags are nice, but no thanks.

    Comment by betty — January 21, 2020 @ 3:13 pm

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