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January 15, 2011

Jeremy’s bucket list

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Jeremy’s Bucket List

I’m too young to think about dying, but when I look at the state of the world, and the notary industry, I think about it more. Will the world last another ten years? And if so, what condition will it be in? So, I have decided to make a bucket list. I might as well live while I can!

(1) Meditate in the Himalayas
I’ve actually already been to the Himalayas, but I went to the “wrong” part, if there is such a thing. I went to Darjeeling, while I should have gone to Dehradun which is 600 miles NW of where I went. I went sight seeing in Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Kalimpong. It was very enjoyable, especially seeing the

sunrise at 4:15 am with a view of Mount Kanchenzhonga. Yeah, hard to pronounce — even harder to wake up at 3:30 am. There is light there even at 3 am. Not sure how that is possible according to the always of physics. But, the mountains in India have their own laws. I saw 12 Buddhist temples last time, heard the chanting, horns, the whole enchilada.

(2) Get out of the Himalayas without dysentery
Getting there is time consuming and expensive. Not getting a gastro-intestinal disease requires having a blessing from the gods — of which there are many in the mountains. If you see those mountains that are 25,000 feet, you will quickly realize that the valleys between the snow-capped peaks are the playgrounds of the gods.

(3) Stop having dreams about being a mobile notary
It happens all to often. I’ll be trying to have a peaceful night’s sleep, and then it happens. I have one of those dreams that I am late to a mobile notary appointment in Vernon, CA. Come on! I haven’t been a notary since 2005, when will these dreams stop. I think I need to see my psychic and have him come up with a fool-proof plan to stop these dreams. I also have dreams that my notary seal expired, but I am still using it. That is the worst recurring dream of all that I have..

(4) Start a travel blog
Yes, I’m starting that in a few weeks with any luck. Wish me well. It will be about local and overseas travel, plus some silly articles about life and the universe that will hopefully get a few chuckles.

(5) Taste better wines
Whenever I go to wine tastings — which is not that often, the wines are not expensive ones. I want to taste some classy wines for once in my life. Do I have to fly to Bordeaux, or drive to Napa to make this happen? Will I even like these pricey wines? The Sake museum in Tokyo was also on my list of things to do. I just wonder what it is like in real life over there.

(6) Travel to Australia mate
I love Australians, and would love to see the geographical marvels of their huge and expansive country. If you go on Google, you can see pictures of their National Parks. Each park is completely different from the others. There are deserts, jungles, beautiful mountains, breathtaking shorelines, and more!

(7) Start a haunted Halloween attraction
My idea was to have real ghosts at mine. I’m tired of these cheap thrill, having some minimum wage high school drop out chase people around with a chainsaw. I want the real deal damn it! I want holograms, sounds that give you the chills, and more!

(8) Visit Bali and go to the Safari zoo, the beach, try local cuisine and hike in the National Parks. Bali has tons of attractions, and prices are really low.

(9) Find a good manager who can take over the day to day responsibilities of running 123notary.com. Sure, I’ll still technically “oversee”, but the other person would have to do most of the work, emails, management, a few decisions, etc.

(10) Find out what the mystery spice is in Colonel Sander’s recipe is. 11 herbs and spices — hmm… I bet that mystery spice is from some remote island in Indonesia. Maybe one of the village elders knows what the secret spice is!

Then, my life will be complete, and I will be ready to die. Or at least when I do die, I will say, “It’s okay, I did all the things I wanted to do!”

(1) I’ve actually already been to the Himalayas, but I went to the “wrong” part if there is such a thing.
(2) #Himalayas Not getting a gastro-intestinal disease requires a blessing from the Gods.
(3) I keep having a recurring dream that I am late to a notary appointment in Vernon
(4) My life goal is to figure out what the mystery spice is in KFC’s recipe.

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