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May 5, 2021

Catching cold during the tail end of the Covid plandemic

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I never really thought about whether or not I would get Covid-19. Most cases are asymptomatic. But, when you get a flu at my age, that typically puts you down for two weeks. It is amazing that younger people who are at a huge risk of losing half a month or work from the flu or a cold are not afraid of that but only afraid of Covid Covid Covid. It is like their brains are completely programmable. You just tell them the same thing over and over again and they can be afraid of anything. They don’t even realize they are being programmed because they haven’t been programmed to realize. But, I digress.

So, from Feb 2020 on, I was not too afraid of Covid. In the beginning of the pandemic, I was a little afraid to go out any more than necessary because there was a shortage of hospital rooms and the disease was so new, that none of us really knew what to expect, and the media was blowing it out of control. Remember — their job is not only to make you scared, but to program you to think a particular way — and your job is to shut up and think the way you were told to think. So be quiet and think — or don’t think!

After April 2020 was over, I decided that since nobody I knew got Covid that the disease was a lot smaller than what the media had made it out to be and it was more hoax than pandemic. The shutdowns were devastating to my happiness and personal life, but I got through it, although I’ll never have faith in humanity again. Humanity thinks its okay to strip me of my rights so that they can feel safe. If they want to feel safe, they can stick their head in the sand at home and leave me out of it!

Then in March 2021 after Covid-19 had died down, I got really cold and tired. I had to sleep most of the time for five days straight. I still worked a few hours a day because I didn’t want to get behind. But, I was so weak, that I used some SHAMANIC methods to increase strength. I had half of a NY steak cooked rare to get that fire energy for my heart on one day and then the rest of it the next. Then I watched videos about people traveling in Joshua Tree National Park which has amazing fire energies and other energies. I watched videos about Sedona too. The combination of the steak and the videos got me enough energy to be able to sit up and work five hours a day. Wow!

The next day I saw the acupuncturist and he said that I was not sick at all. But, his opinion is based on my pulse, and not based on objective reality. They are trained like this. I went back a few days later and that time I told me that I was sick, but not very sick. A few days later I felt well enough to work a full day, but my voice had a tremor. So, he gave me powerful herbs for my lungs which helped right away. So, as of now, I am still a little sick, but can function and don’t feel as bad as before. One evening about six days into this cold I had some pasta and the tomato sauce really irritated my intestines and I was in bed for 14 hours in mild discomfort. But, at least I was not in any major pain.

But, many people told me to test for Covid-19. My attitude was, why? My cold had no Covid symptoms. No cough, no loss of taste, no lung issues, and I can smell, although only if I put my nose close to something. So, if it is Covid, how would that change anything? I already have to stay away from people. Just because it is probably not Covid, if you got what I have, you could lose two weeks of work just like that. You would be semi-paralyzed in bed wracked by extreme fatigue. I don’t want to have to go somewhere, pay, and then have some jerk put something painful up my nose that gives an unreliable test result. Sounds like a very expensive and unpleasant exercise in futility. But, people told me that I might feel a sense of relief knowing.

It would be like me finding out that I am Korean. I just feel better knowing that I’m Korean. My parents aren’t korean, I don’t look Korean, I don’t speak Korean, I don’t eat Korean food, and I have never been to Korea. But, I feel relieved having the knowledge that I’m Korean. I’ll put it on my business card. It would be similar to find out out that my cat is really a dog. How does that change anything? Even though it is for other people so that the disease doesn’t spread to them, as I said before, a cold can spread too and is a lot more dangerous for those under 60 than Covid-19 is.

It seems that people do not read “the science” and have a very lobsided view of what is dangerous. A cold that knocks you out for two weeks is dangerous. It won’t kill you but isn’t losing two weeks or your career dangerous? That includes being home with a fever in bed. That could get out of control. People die of the flu must more than covid in the under 60 crowd. That is dangerous. Oh, I forgot, we haven’t been programmed to think for ourselves and look at actual numbers — that is why it isn’t regarded as dangerous.

My parting question is — when do we get programmed to think for ourselves? And if we’re not going to be programmed to do that, when do we decide to program ourselves to think for ourselves?

If people are going to act like dumb zombies, could they at least have the decency to walk around with their two hands straight forward with a brain dead look on their face? This is how 80% of America is acting.


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  1. Do hiring parties that work with 123Notary get the emails/links/access to your blog, or is it just notaries?

    Comment by Deborah Wedge — September 23, 2021 @ 2:33 pm

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