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April 7, 2021

I feel dehumanized by what I see everywhere

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I went to the supermarket today. I went late at night. After midnight if we want to be precise. I love Ralphs. They have almost everything I want. But, I had to use the automated check out which I don’t know how to use since they wanted to save money and fire all of their check out people. I couldn’t figure out how to use the machines. So, the girl (the one who they didn’t lay off) came to help. but, she would only help if I covered my nose with my facemask which causes mild suffocation due to my heart problem.

So, I felt dehumanized because I didn’t get the “human experience” checking out with a real human. And then dehumanized again by being suffocated when the human came. I told her that their goal is to fire all the humans and replace them with machines. She showed no reaction. Typical Los Angeles people.

Meanwhile, half of Honduras is trying to walk here to find work. By the time they get here they will find that there are no jobs for the citizens and any job they can do has been outsourced to a robot or to Malaysia.

When I walk down the street, I see people waiting for their take out with their heads at a 45% angle looking down at their iPhone like zombies — all wearing their dumb looking face masks even when they are not forced to. I think people like being zombies.

Meanwhile an acquaintance’s girlfriend took the vaccine as she was required to by her job. She is 26 and now bedridden and can hardly move due to excessive side effects. All I can say is — thank God she is being “Safe”. Because before she took the vaccine she had a one in a million chance of getting sick by some weird flu that at her age her body can definitely handle, but NOW, she is in excruciating pain and bedridden all in the name of safety. Brilliant. Where can I sign up? And of course, our trustworthy lamestream media reports all of the people who had adverse effects of the vaccine, right?

So, the insanity continues, and every day I ask myself if I really value being alive anymore… and what being alive really means.


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