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January 4, 2011

The Notary Diet

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It is important for Notaries to be happy, healthy, and have a sense of identity. So I suggest, The Notary Diet. My idea for a Notary diet is to be having power foods all day long so you can endure long hours of driving and sluggish signers.


Put walnuts, sliced almonds, ground cocoa nibs (for antioxidants), and various types of berries (good for cleaning arteries) in your oatmeal along with a little brown sugar for taste. . This combination will give you minerals, brain food, and clean out your arteries too. Wine cleans arteries, but berries are a better way to do that in the morning especially if you have to drive.

Cranberries and pumpkin seeds are good for the prostate, so you can have a “he breakfast” with these natural ingredients added to your oatmeal or on the side. Then have a banana for your colon.

Green tea & Coffee are both good for you and have phytonutrients. But, green tea is better for phyting cancer! Just don’t drink too much as it is high in stimulants and may trigger palpitations and a phyte or phlyte reaction. I think they should call the nutrients PhytoOrPhlytoNutrients to be honest.


Start with a apple for your liver and colon, then mango for your lungs. You can read about the attributes of these amazing and delicious foods online. Have less processed foods and stick to these proven winners so you stay healthy and avoid cancer and strokes.

Avocados are a natural super food. Lentils and rice are a great way to have energy to last the day. You need that during signings. Seeds and lentils have six times as much nutrition as regular beans or nuts believe it or not.

A sandwich with some meat and veggies is good too for protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber in each bite.


Eggs have amazing nutrition. They have everything a chick needs to endure weeks in captivity. In fact, eggs have a lot of the nutrition that is almost impossible to get in other foods such as E, Q10, B12, and K2. You need all of these, but how do you get them, especially if you are a chicken fetus? Then have soups with celery, cabbage, kale, barley, potatoes, herbs and spices. This will be very good for your colon. If you want protein, salmon is a very healthy source of it.

Remember that spices can be very good for your circulation, liver and general health as they have a lot of phytonutrients which are critical to combating cancer and staying healthy.

Lentils are a superfood. Lentils have six times the nutrition as beans ounce per ounce and the same general type of nutrition.
Seeds have six times the nutrition as nuts and similar types of nutrients as in nuts.

I hope you like my ideas for staying healthy. You can look up super foods on Google and learn the ropes for staying healthy. I have super foods daily and they are really good for you. Exercising and having a healthy lifestyle is important too.

Most Americans do not walk around enough. Dr. Mercola is a natural doctor and recommends walking nine miles a day in addition to going to the gym. He and other doctors inspired me to do more walking. I have been doing two walks a day, each for almost an hour and the weight is coming off. Walking and swimming are the best type of exercises for human beings. They are safe, pleasant and matching how God created us — just as long as you don’t get run over by a crazy six year old on a bike who is riding on the side walk. Yes, it happened to me and I gave the father a dirty look.


The supplements I recommend are:

Grape Seed Extract — good for general circulation, eyes, toes, anti-cancer, brain health, scavenger anti-oxidant, and more.

Q10 — This occurs naturally in eggs and liver, but you can get effective Q10 in a supplement too. Great for rebuilding the tissue in your heart and arteries. I take this regularly.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin – Most people experience eye degeneration. Me too. But, by exercising and having greens and these supplements, believe it or not, my left eye is getting a lot better.

Psyllium Husks — This is a fiber supplement that will clean up your colon, give you healthy looking bowel movements and protect you from colon cancer.

Salmon Oil — This is a great way to clean up your blood from triglycerides the natural way along with diet and exercise. Or have a few ounces of salmon a few times a week. Make sure the salmon lived in a clean environment so you don’t get too many toxins.

Hawthorne Root — Great for general circulation

Milk Thistle & Dandilion — Amazing for rebuilding your liver’s cells. If you eat an American diet you need this.

B12 — If you are low in energy, there might be various causes. B12 complex can fill in one of the blanks.

Eggs — I treat eggs like vitamin pills. It has all the nutrients that are hard to find in regular foods.

Almonds – High in vitamin E.

Olive Oil — Also high in vitamin E and healthy in other ways.

Aloe — Good for moisturizing your colon.

Mulberry Juice – Great for cleaning up your arteries. In my experience it is more effective than any other berry and perhaps even better than wine.

Pumpkin Seeds — Good for the prostate.

Cranberry Juice — Also good for the prostate.


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  1. Ha! With what most signing companies want to pay signing agents now, most of our “diet” will consist of whatever the local food bank can provide!

    Comment by Mary — June 17, 2019 @ 8:19 pm

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