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January 21, 2021

What if you have more than one county in a venue?

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How would this happen? If you have two signers being notarized on one document, but they are in different counties, but the same notary is notarizing both of them on the same day, then you might have two counties in one venue.

On the other hand, it might be more kosher to use two Acknowledgment forms, one per person, and one per county. It might look odd if the document gets recorded at the county recorder’s office if there are two counties. It might raise eyebrows.

In my experience, I have only indicated two counties on one certificate once in my career. I had to ask someone at a signing company how to do it. My notary course never said that you could do that but also never said that I could not. Hmm. One of those things.


January 20, 2021

Have you ever done an “in car signing?”

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These days, everyone is afraid of Covid Covid, and nothing but the Covid. There are no longer any other dangers in life. Gaining weight because gyms are closed? No longer a danger. Cancer? No longer a threat, at least not one we discuss. Heart Attacks? If it happens, we’ll claim it happened because of Covid. Covid is also the official new cure for old age. Since it kills almost exclusively the elderly, it is an alternative to dying of old age.

Due to the excessive paranoia, many Notaries are forced to do “in car” signings. Contrary to the idea of Title companies and Attorneys doing “in house” signings, this is the new thing.

Have you ever done one of these? Can you concentrate and do a good job in your car? I did “on trunk” signings. Those are annoying, but if you can’t find parking or afraid of the borrower’s house, you might have to.

Tell us your experience with in car signings. And once more, forget about Comedians in cars getting coffee, now there is Notaries in cars doing signings.


January 19, 2021

A Notary who claims they make $10k per month in 2020

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This link is from a youtube video that got 180,000 views about a Notary raking it in. Hope you like it.



January 18, 2021

Detailed analysis of Opportunities in inspections (video)

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Here is a great video for Notaries from the NNA


Another video — Mark Wills of LSS interviews a very successful newbie making $12000 in a month? Is that even humanly possible? Apparently so!


January 17, 2021

Testimonial from James Benton about 123notary

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Just FYI………… On occasion I have heard a complaint or 2 about 123 Notary. I am here to tell you that when I started out I would have never made it without 123 Notary. I have been associated with 123 Notary for 9 years now and I’m here to tell you it is a great service! Nothing compares!

Today I am not able to accept much that comes to me from 123 Notary because I have become so established. However, the calls, emails and texts are constant (sometimes up to 100 a day). Business will not always be as good as it is now. When that time comes 123 Notary will be as important to me as ever.



January 16, 2021

Notary Signing Blueprint, LLC

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Notary Signing Agent Blueprint, LLC.

This company sells loan signing courses. Many of the Notaries on 123notary are getting certified by this company. I have heard that the course is similar in nature and quality to Notary2Pro’s course, although I have never seen either. Blueprint seems to have spiraled in popularity over the last two months as I never heard about them before.

So, what are your experiences with this company? How is Jon, the manager or owner? What is he like? You are encouraged to comment below.


January 15, 2021

Wisconsin Acknowledgment Certificate

Wisconsin Acknowledgment Certificate Form. Wisconsin Notary Acknowledgment Form.

State of Wisconsin
County of ___________

This instrument was acknowledged before me on ________ (date) by __________ (name(s) of person(s). ____________________ (Seal, if any)

Signature of notarial officer ____________________
Title (and Rank)
My commission expires:_____


January 14, 2021

Notaries in cars drinking coffee and ID-ing people

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More on the Notaries in cars issue. If you do a signing where the borrower hands over some signed documents through your car window, not only is that very unprofessional, but it is hard to do notary work without some sort of table. Things can get lost or fall.

You need to see all signers face to face, even if it is outside. You need to look at them and their ID, and then write down the particulars of their ID in your journal assuming your state or your conscience makes you keep one. If you don’t get a clear look face to face at all signers concerned, you are not doing your job.

It is easy to make mistakes or miss things if you are working in an unsuitable environment. Working on a trunk is more like a desk and you might be more in command of the process. You can have a done pile and an undone pile if you work on a trunk. There is plenty of room and it is a flat surface. Assuming the wind doesn’t blow you are good.

Personally, for such an involved signing such as a loan signing, if the borrower is too squeamish to let you inside, I would cancel the signing. It is just not professional to sign in your car. And once again, confirm the signing before you go and make sure they are not sick or squeamish. It makes more sense to wear a mask and sit six or more feet away from them and do your best to make the process smooth.


January 13, 2021

What is your commentary about the RON platforms

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There are a bunch of platforms and software people use for RON or IPEN. If you could let us all know what you like best, why, and your commentary. Perhaps you might compare and contrast one service to the other. I have nothing to say about any of this because I am very poor technically and have no experience with any of these. Thanks.


January 12, 2021

Gender or no gender

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I read that in Vermont, and this could spread to other states faster than Covid, that gender distinctions are not used on short form acknowledgments. Let me know, that as a Notary, your job is to identify the signer. Part of identifying them is to see the name, serial number on the ID, and gender. If you bypass their gender, you are one step closer to identity confusion.

The reason our elections were compromised is that there were a lot of mail in ballots where signatures often didn’t match, people voting 30 times, etc., By undermining the notary process even in small ways, you are undermining the purpose of having notaries in the first place.

Some liberals might suggest having a 3rd gender option for the crossover types. But, the reality is that we are born a particular gender and the chromosomes in all of our cells do not change even when we get a sex change or are transitioning.

Discussion with God

ME: God, I heard that according to Judaism, your nature encompases both genders as well as a center column energy. It’s kind of a Kabbalistic thing.

GOD: Ummm. Kind of busy right now. Can you text me?

ME: Oh, sorry, is this not a good time?

GOD: Now’s not a good time… I’m transitioning.

ME: But, you are already both genders, what is there to transition to?

GOD: During creation there is a building aspect, and then a nurturing aspect, design aspect, destruction aspect. These processes use completely different sides of my “personality.”

ME: God, don’t you mean… “Godonality?”

GOD: Good choice of words.

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