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December 16, 2021

Kamala gives a speech to kids about being a Notary

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KAMALA: You can be anything you want to be.

KID #1: Anything?

KAMALA: Anything. Remember. Other people don’t tell you what you can be, YOU tell THEM what you can be.

KID #2: Aren’t YOU telling me what I can be by telling me I can be anything?

KAMALA: If you want to get technical, but since anything is ambiguous, that makes it okay, alright kid?

KID #3: Can I be an astronaut?

KID #2: She just said you can be anything. That includes astronauts.

KID #4: What about being a Notary?

KAMALA: You can be a Notary. If you do, there will be many unexpected things you will have to deal with.

KID #1: The way you describe being a Notary sounds a lot like how you describe being a Vice President.

KAMALA: The two jobs have a lot in common.

KID #1: Not going to the border being one of them.

KAMALA: We have the border completely under control. There is no need to go there. We like leaving it open. Why should people be prevented from coming here.

KID #1: I agree, it’s mean not to let people come here. On the other hand, what if those people we are being nice to are affiliated with the Taliban.

KAMALA: I’m sure our border guards will screen the four million people who came in this year one by one and keep us safe. Let’s go back to talking about being whatever you want to be and telling people who you are rather than letting them tell you who you are and that type of thing.

KID #1: Got it. I am a border guard. I self-identify as being a border guard, and you cannot tell me that I’m not.

KAMALA: Very good, and I’m sure that you will be the best border guard ever.

KID #2: Yeah, just go easy on the whip otherwise you might attract the wrong type of attention.

KID #3: I’m very good at evading issues and changing the topic of conversation so gracefully, you won’t even notice. Are there any professions I might be well suited for?

KAMALA: Sure, as a proud member of the Notary community, people will bring up politics and religion at signings. And in order not to get in trouble you have to change the topic of conversation ever so smoothly, so nobody even noticed.

JEREMY: When your administration so gracefully changed the conversation from the border to outer space, the folks in Texas who live near the border noticed loud and clear. They are no longer safe leaving their house. An in my neighborhood far from the border there are now muggings, robberies, assaults, and all types of other crimes that simply did not exist (on a regular basis) before your administration. We notice. We also noticed that during your astronomy video, when a girl asked you what it was like to be Vice President, that you conveniently glossed over that question and talked about how your mother was a scientist and how we can all wonder about the stars. I noticed that. We notice a lot of things you and your administration do — because it endangers us.


December 14, 2021

A touching response to: Memorial of Carmen Towles

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Carmen was the person who got me started on 123notary. She was an excellent teacher and always had the answer to any problems I may have encountered. She never rushed me off the phone and listened to my concerns without interruption. She pushed me to excel in the notary field. When it was time for me to renew my membership, she always reached out to me so I could get the “special” price. I always felt very special. Found out later on that she treated other notaries the same. I was totally shocked to learn of her quick demise and felt like I lost a friend. RIP Carmen. You left behind a hole in my heart.


December 10, 2021

The left, the silent majority, and the Jan 6th types

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Somebody wrote a very thoughtful and inspiring comment to my article, “A response to my Biden post.” He stated that there is a silent majority out there who care about a true democracy, civil rights, and believe in the constitution.

I believe this man has a point. The way I see it, there are the leftists. Some more hard core than not, who believe in totalitarianism, censorship, masks, vaccines, fear, handouts, endless regulations, and a general atmosphere of the decay of our basic rights.

Then there is the silent majority who have basically standard American beliefs such as freedom, constitution, and having a strong economy.

And then finally there are the January 6th types or dangerous right wing fanatics. These are the types who might start a civil war. People were talking about it on youtube today.

My verdict on this issue is that — if the silent majority would stand for something, we would be in a lot less danger of a civil war. Wars happen when people feel oppressed, hopeless and that they have no other options. The silent majority is a guilty party here. They are sitting and watching while our home is being compromised. This is unacceptable. If something is right, then stand for it.

It is time that we stand up to the plate, otherwise there won’t be a plate to stand up at.

America’s men of all generations have lost their testosterone, and this is just plain dangerous. It is partly because of culture and partly due to processed food. I eat mainly natural food, which perhaps is why I am not like this. If you eat processed food you will be weak and have a weak immune system as well. Even if you grew up in the 40’s when men were men. Think about it.

On a brighter note, people are getting tired of Biden’s failed policies and Kamala’s playing hookey on the job (which she was probably instructed to do and was probably not her choice.) Maybe things will come around.


December 6, 2021

Which Notary platform will survive until 2028 with all the natural disasters?

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The prophecies from the various sources are saying the same thing. Fires, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, solar flares, pole shift, countries going bust, people dying, plagues, viruses, etc.

We are at the beginning of this end times prophecy. We had a horrible epidemic (wasn’t a real pandemic despite what people say unless people were dying in the street.) We saw horrible floods in the Northeast, Hurricanes down south, and bad fires (predicted in various parts of the bible) in California.

Much of the population of America and the world will perish in the next 10 years. I think the Notary industry will shrink a lot. It already has. But, what does that mean for us? Is that bad news?

I predict that Notary Rotary and Snapdocs will cease to exist in 2028, but that 123notary will still be there. I think that the boss of Notary Rotary is getting old and will retire soon. I think that the folks who work at Snapdocs probably took the vaccine and will have side effects that will affect their work. They are in San Francisco, and that is a big pro-vaccine place. You cannot eat in a restaurant if you are not vaccinated. I think that I will be doing other businesses too on the side, but that I will still run 123notary. This is my official prediction. This blog was published in 2021, so let’s look back in years to come if the internet still exists.

So, does that mean I will get more business and be rich? I certainly hope so. Maybe our site will become more Snappy with all of the snapper migrating over.

Sorry to be negative, but I have heard from higher spiritual sources that many people who took the vaccine will perish from long term side effects. Vaccine deaths combined with natural disasters will wipe out a big chunk of the American population. This means homes will be cheaper, but you and I will lose family and friends.

I am very upset, because I feel that I will lose most of my family and friends to death soon. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I will find new family and friends. I rely on higher powers to determine these things for me since it seems so out of my control.


December 2, 2021

The “menu society” might be complicated for Notaries

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We live in a menu society. In the old days, life was very predictable. There was one God, one types of sworn statement, namely an Oath. One type of relationships namely marriage between a biological male and a biological woman. And there were two genders.

Now we have multiple genders and you can change your gender identity on a whim and perhaps even have it documented on your driver’s license.

We have multiple Gods. You can believe in The God of Abraham, Krishna, or whomever you want to. I joked that on the new Affirmation and Oath form there is a check box where you choose your entity that you are swearing under. It is kind of like a menu. Ooops, I just heard thunder and lightning — I better not joke about that topic any more.

But, on Notary forms, how would you document a polyamorous relationship? With all of the flexibility we have in society, you still cannot marry more than one person, not even in Utah with all the Mormons. What is the world coming to — or not coming to as the case might be.

What if a man is married to two other men, one woman and a sheep who is non-binary.

Maybe these types of people don’t get loans, but imagine if they did. Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud as usual.


December 1, 2021

The coming Messiah

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I am feeling a shift in the energy. The angels had to do a cleaning of the world’s most darkest and depressing energies. From March 2020 to March 2021 is the time of the cleaning. I am writing this in December, 2020 but might not publish it until much later. At this time I am beginning to feel that the negative energy of Mordor is beginning to lighten up.

This bad energy affects my mood, my sleep, my performance in work, and my entire life. So, I am glad it is lightening up.

My current guru says that the Messiah will be known to the public in 2034. By that time he will have come of age enough to make regular speaking engagements. Perhaps that will be around the time of his Bar-Mitzvah. This means he will most likely be born in 2021 or 2022. I am not sure if the angels want him being conceived during this period of extreme darkness. That would seem to go against the program as the Messiah is a being of light — and light and darkness by definition do not mix well.

When the Messiah comes into full force, we will all feel the light force and times will be good assuming you are spiritually relatively pure. If you are an evil person, you probably will be bouncing off the walls going crazy. I’m looking forward to seeing that as I have been tortured by evil people emotionally for a long time.

I’m just worried. When the last Messiah came, people hated him and had him nailed to a cross. I can’t deal with this all over again. I want people to revere this new Messiah, as the Hebrews call him, “Mechiach ben David” which means the Messiah son of David. The last one was the son of Joseph just to keep the record straight. He will be born in Israel presumably to a community of 144,000 people, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. The angels know what tribe your male lineage is from going back indefinitely to the time of when humans lived in Uganda where we evolved out of Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, or whatever we evolved out of.

I hope everything is hunky dorey, and living on earth feels like living in heaven. But, I think there is much upheaval still to come for the next ten or so years. Meteors, mass deaths, persecutions, diseases, sea levels rising, war, rumors of war, and more. I’m okay with this (it’s not like I have a choice) just as long as we don’t have social distancing or masks — that’s where I personally draw the line.

After he comes, I hope everything is okay, and that people treat our Messiah right. But, this is a different age. This is the Messianic Age or the Age of Aquarius. It is supposed to be a time of light. So, once the angels get that darkness out, and they are working overtime doing this, then things will be better. The angels told my medium that they even worked on Facebook to get rid of the negativity. I think it is working. We have been getting lots of referrals from Facebook.

When the Messiah comes of age, I’ll need to ask him for two things.
1. Can you offer me a blessing and.
2. Can you like me on Facebook?
Just kidding, I don’t do Facebook. I used to do Twitter and got bored with it and quit. Maybe he can say “abrucha” on my mediation air chair. That would make more sense to ask for than the other things.


November 28, 2021

A reverse mortage at 8pm – the signer fell asleep

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The Notary got to the appointment. They started signing as usual. The signers were elderly people as you might expect with a Reverse Mortgage. But, the signer fell asleep in the middle of the signing.

This brings me to ask myself a new question I have never asked before. Should Notaries who deal with the elderly be compassionate, patient, or funny? Because it is harder to fall asleep when you are laughing, especially if you have a lung condition.

Have any of the rest of you had interesting Reverse Mortgage stories? Comment on this post if you have!


November 27, 2021

I heard that NY notaries may no longer offer 24 hour service.

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I don’t know if this is true or not. But, someone told me it is now illegal for New York Notaries to offer 24 hour service. I would expect this type of BS from New York with all of their fascist rules and Covid protocols. But, people in hospitals and nursing homes (who Fox news claims that Cuomo murdered via his Covid policies) might need 24 hour notaries.

Will someone please straighten the record and let me know which end is up.


November 26, 2021

Being a new signing agent vs. wannabe player

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It is a sad state of affairs when I make this comparison, but yet there are many parallels.

The new signing agent who is on solid ground studies from the best, passes tests, writes nice notes sections on his/her/their listing, and never misrepresents themselves. There are people like this who come across as very professional even though they have no experience to speak of.

Then there are the phony sounding Notaries who try to hype themselves up. They say words about themselves that make them look like they are — all that, but the way they come across is as an amateur and a phony. It is a shame. I deal with people like this all day and I am tired of it. Keep it real please.

Here is what the new signing agents say and what the wannabe players say.

I have a zero percent error rate
Baby, I got what it takes. I could satisfy you.

But, if I do make a mistake — in that unlikely event, I will fix it right away.
Baby, I’ll love you forever, but if something happens, I know how to deal with it. I’ll figure it out.

I have signed every type of loan
Baby, I’m down with all the flavors, and I’ve had them all. Every description, every type, girl.

But, in real life the ones who claim they have signed every type of loan have only signed every type of loan that THEY have heard of which is very far from the ones on my list. I have 40 financial package types on my list. The ones who said they do all average only about 35% of the loans. But, one of 5000 notaries on the site got almost all of them, so when you say all, there is a sliver of chance you might be telling the truth.

But, why come across as phony when you can be helpful and factual with the information you give to others? Facts impress. People who deal with notaries all day long not only see through the fluff, they are a lot less likely to deal with a fluffer, in fact. Is there such thing as a fluffer?

If you are new, just answer questions, and don’t try to impress people. The minute you try to impress, you blow it. Just be helpful, without trying to help.If someone asks if you are still in business — don’t ask when the job is, and don’t tell them you are on vacation – just say yes or no. Being factual is easy – just stick to the facts. Answer numerical questions with numbers, yes no questions with yesses and no’s, and keep it real. Don’t tell people about your zero percent error rate — nobody believes you and nobody has time for that.


November 22, 2021

Several signers told me they would not be in biz without 123notary

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We had a signer in the Northeast named James who has several listings with us. He told me that he would never have gotten his business off the ground ten years ago if it weren’t for He had just retired from Mortgage and wanted a fresh start. Several other Notaries told me similar stories as well.

This makes me see 123notary in a new way. We are not only useful to Notaries, but indispensable to many. All the grueling hard work I do has a purpose, and a higher meaning.

123notary really works for the seasoned notaries who have experience, reviews, and well filled in notes sections. It doesn’t work consistently well for newer Notaries who leave their notes blank, have no experience, aren’t really trying and have no reviews.

So, who am I really working for? In my opinion, I am working for Notaries who really are trying — I will give them a lot more of my time. And I am also working for title companies who I never get to speak with. I want them to get the best Notaries in town.

But, it makes me feel good to know that some people’s lives have been very powerfully and positively impacted by my hard work. Because I used to get a lot of complaining and not as many compliments.

Come to think of it, even on the blog, the comments are a lot more polite. I feel that people are being more polite and appreciative to me this year than in previous years. That is good for my health.

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