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June 29, 2015

Unique phrases from the Ninja course

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Here are examples of unique things our notaries have said:

(a) I specialize in services for high-profile figures and celebrities: confidentiality and respect for privacy.

(b) I’m the original mobile notary of Jefferson County.

(c) My bag is always packed and by the door ready for your call.

(d) We work with a mobile laptop allowing us to perform your closing as though you were there–when you can’t be.

(e) I introduce the critical documents before the signing begins to make sure that we are all on the same page. (no pun intended)

(f) I am a bar tender turned notary public. Small talk & signings. I give feedback right away, and you will know within SECONDS if your line of credit is on the rocks. I’m experienced with every type of loan signing and have completed 5000 signings to date. All I need to know from you is — shaken or stirred?

(g) I am always happy and others tend to become happy when around me. My extensive signing experience allows me to know exactly how to handle any type of situation that comes up in a loan. I have seen it all from name discrepancies between documents & identifications, wrong figures in the HUD, unwilling spouses, you name it.

(h) I always place my clients’ interest before mine.

(i) Former cop turned notary. I keep the clients at ease even in the most turbulent situations as that is part of my professional training. I understand all notary laws and loan signing procedures and give thorough descriptions of the documents before beginning the signing. I often ask, “Would you like to just begin the signing, or should I read you your rights… I mean go through the documents first?” Fingerprinting the borrowers is no problem either. I just tell them they are being booked. Call me for an arresting experience!

(j) I give each job 110% and my track record proves it.

(k) As a former bar tender, I have my own name for each type of signings. 1st & 2nd combos: I call them double mortgages. Then, there is the VA cocktail and the FHA spritzer. For a better rate on signings, call me during happy hour!

(l) I am a transplanted Native New Yorker with Southern charm.

(m) Technology is my soul. I am the notary of your choice. I think three steps ahead.

(n) With a background in stress management, I notarize accurately and in a relaxing manner.

(o) I continuously do on-line webinar education to stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the mortgage loan industry.

(p) Most of my business is repeat business. Many borrowers informed me that their signing with me was the easiest part of the loan process. Dozens of frustrated borrowers told me that if I had not been there, that they never would have completed the signing.

(q) We cover 19 counties in the mountains with two notaries two 4 wheel drive vehicles, both with GPS. We go places you don’t even know exist and get your loan closed!

(r) As a funeral home owner, I am used to somber occasions like loan signings. People enjoy my morbid sense of humor. Call me seven days a week, but not before 10 am, because I am not a “mourning” person.

(s) We are part vampire and never sleep. Call us for your late night signings. We’ll bring the Dixie cups for our night-cap after the signing is over.


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