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July 19, 2016

What types of loans do you know how to sign?

Please don’t say, “I sign them all.” Few Notaries really sign them all, so saying you sign them all makes it sound like you don’t know the names of all of the types of loans. If you are dressing up your Notary profile, it is recommended that you clearly state a list of the types of loans and/or documents that you are familiar with.

Refinances (1sts, 2nds, Piggy Backs, FHA, VA), Conventional, Commercial, Residential, Modifications, Debt Consolidations, Debt Settlements, Purchases, Cash Sales & Purchases, Reverse Mortgages, Applications, Annuities, Helocs, eSignings, Time Shares, and more… There might be more that I forgot to include, but those are the main ones.

Many other Notaries do I-9’s, Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, Auto Titles, Boat Titles, Permission for Minors to Travel, Contracts, and more.

The worst thing you can do is to claim that you have a good knowledge of the docs. That says nothing and sounds like baseless bragging. So, don’t be vague, and state the facts. Other facts about your service are helpful in you notes section.


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July 6, 2016

Wine Country Notary

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I just met a Notary who handles many areas in wine country. I asked this Notary which counties they covered. I offered them Sonoma, Napa, and Lake. But, he claimed not to know what these counties were. He told me what areas he serviced in his own terminology.

Regions Covered
I cover Russian River, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Sonoma Coast, Bennett Valley, and Knights Valley. I will also consider Redwood valley and Anderson Valley for a higher travel fee.

If you are tired of notaries that are “high-octane” and are finally ready for one who is “high-tannin,” you have come to the right Notary.

I am experienced with loan signings and am familiar with most varietals such as FHA Sauvignon and FHA Franc, VA Reserves, Refinances, Merlotifications, Purchases, Sales (by the case), and more. Call me if you would like to schedule a tasting (or a signing.)

What are signings with me like?
My signings are delightfully fruity and medium bodied with raspberry notes and a light finish — unless the Lender doesn’t return calls in which case a lingering finish might occur. If you are not sure what to sign, please let me recommend a 2009 Refinance or a 2011 Seller’s vineyard Syrah. Additionally, you might enjoy Notary Public Cabernet (yes it is a real central coast wine.) Call me if you want me to assist with your next signing.

I charge a $50 travel fee plus a $10 corkage fee per acknowledged cork and $10 per Jurat. Just raise your right glass and repeat after me — “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If yes, then say cheers!” If we affix our stamp to a wine label, we only charge $1 per impression as we live for combining stamps and wines. If you have a short or small signing such as a “Petite Syrah” we charge less.

If you want to know which wine would go best with your loan, our recommendations are included in the cost of the signing. Think of us as your Sommelier Public. We could pair a Reverse Mortgage with a Reverse Riesling. It’s a regular riesling where the label was printed backwards — it happens. We also recommend doing a Seller’s package with a Syrah mix from the Central Coast. Also, consider a nice Italian Apostilaglianico Blanc for a great after signing drink.

We regret to inform our readers that we at Wine Country Notary have made a few mistakes. We did a signing for Barbara Bush and erroneously spelled her name “Barbera” like the varietal. A mistake of habit. Another mistake happened when we did a signing for a beautiful lady who flirted with us and made us blush while having a Rose.

At Wine Country Notary, there is nothing to whine about. Let us take the cork out of your next signing. BTW, if we are busy, please try our affiliate — DUI Signings


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January 31, 2011

State specific – strange and critical rules

Bizarre facts and things to watch out for in these states!

This blog entry will briefly discuss some bizarre rules effecting Arizona notaries, Georgia notaries, Florida notaries, Notaries in South Carolina, Virginia notaries, and Washington notaries (in Washington State, not DC).  I hope you find it as interesting as I do! 
The subject of travel fees is a dismal topic for Arizona notaries.  Many Arizona notaries in this state can not make a living doing mobile notary work while obeying the law which only allows a small rate per mile for travel fees.  There is a lot of information on this topic in our forum to read about.  The restrictions on travel fees are disasterous for elderly and bedridden people who can’t go to a notary.  People in convelescent homes can’t get their papers notarized and notaries can’t make a living.  Many notaries do charge a substantial travel fee, and nobody has had their commission revoked yet in AZ, but eventually something could happen.
This is nothing to be afraid about, but really bizarre. An AR notary applicant will
be mailed three originals of their notary certificate and oath forms. AR notary rules can be a little odd at times.
To become a notary in Florida, you must be a Florida resident. However, Florida residents can become Alabama or Georgia notaries. BTW… Georgia notaries may only practice in the state of Georgia.  A Notary in Florida may solemnize a marriage.  But, without experience in this sensitive type of work, how well would a notary handle a marriage?  Another strange rule is that Florida notaries get paid by the stamp, and not per signature when doing acknowledgments.
Be careful if you are an Illinois notary public, there are some new laws that effect only Cook county regarding real estate notarizations.  Additionally, an IL notary may only charge $1 per acknowledged signature!  How does anyone make a living at this?
South Carolina
Non-attorney notaries in South Carolina are prohibited from doing loan signings unless there is telephone presence from an attorney.  The irony is that our directory has many notaries in South Carolina who pay their renewal fee each year. If you are a notary in South Carolina, you can still do other non-loan types of notarizations for the most part. Georgia notaries are faced with a similar situation.
Here is a very odd rule:  All Virginia notaries are notaries at-large & have the authority to perform all notarial acts anywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia notaries have limited powers in performing notarial acts
outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  However, documents notarized
outside of the Commonwealth by Virginia notaries must be must
be recorded in Virginia.
Washington State
This is a nitpicky rule. But, the notary and client must agree upon the travel fee beforehand.  This is stipulated by law in Washington State, so Washington notaries need to be careful to have their verbal agreements clear.  Additionally, Washington notaries may notarize their spouse’s signature.