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July 20, 2016

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous Signing Companies

Notaries — you have to work for $40 per signing with notary jobs that include 40 pages of fax backs, 400 pages of printing which includes two sets of 200 pages. Did I mention that half of your jobs would get cancelled and the other half won’t pay you on time? Yes! That is correct. Because the signing companies are on Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous Signing Companies!

Meet Terry. She is a signing company owner. Terry has a difficult decision to make today. She owes 200 Notaries for work that they did last month. But, she pays the previous month based on income during the current month. She is always behind. Unfortunately for Terry, business is far down this month and she will not be able to pay her Notaries. However, her monthly payment on her new BMV SUV which isn’t cheap is due in two days and she doesn’t want a ding on her credit (or her BMW.) So, she pays for her BMW.

Terry is clenching her fists because she has a second account created for her boob job which she wants to have done next month. If only she could make a wider margin on these Notary jobs. She is charging $200 and paying a whopping $40. Why is it so hard to make a decent margin these days?

So, Terry decides to take a dip in her $40,000 pool which she got a second Mortgage on the house to pay for. Why do pools need to be so expensive? Why is life so unfair? But, the Notaries are hounding her. Where is my money? How come it has been sixty days with no payment for the Notary work? Terry decides to make payments on an “on demand” basis. Whomever harrasses her the most gets paid the first. The rest will just get excuses.

Meanwhile this Notary named Ken demands his money up front. He has no trouble dealing with Terri. She hires him too because he is good and has decades of experience. One less thing to worry about when dipping in the pool.

In Terry’s opinion, she should have a private jet if she were living in a fair and just world. Terry is done dipping in the pool. Now it is time to go to a $200 per plate sushi plate where the theme of the night is called, “trust me.” You trust the chef to give you eight small plates, but you don’t know what is on them anymore than you know if you’ll ever get paid. Perhaps Terry should go to the $80 per plate sushi special to “save money” so she can pay a few of her Notaries. But, only if we were living in a perfect world.

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