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August 4, 2013

The Real Estate Agent and the evil girl scouts

There once was a Real Estate Broker who worked in Parsippany. She was always far too busy running around, with pagers going off, phones, faxes, etc. She thought she knew the areas she serviced inside out, and she conveyed a false sense of confidence to her clients as well. But, there was something that she was not aware of. Those nice girl scouts that were in the neighborhood were not so nice at all.

This Real Estate Broker drove a client to a nice home in a quiet part of Parsippany. There were no stores nearby. It was just a bedroom community, or so she thought. But, there was a lot more going on in this quiet neighborhood than our Real Estate Agent friend thought. A group of seemingly innocent girl scouts approached her offering to sell her some cookies. She politely declined. That is where the trouble started. These girls were sick and tired of hearing the term, “No thanks”. The only thing worse were terms that exuded a false sense of hope for the future like, “Maybe next time”. These girls wanted to save enough money for their camping trip — and they were vindictive too.

The client of our Real Estate Agent friend had parked at the Real Estate Office only a mile away. These evil girl scouts had a friend in the parking lot of the Real Estate Office. They had walkie talkies. The girls saw who the lady was who was seeing the house. They radioed back to their friends in the parking lot. They knew which car was the client’s. They disconnected her battery, so that she would be afraid to ever come back. They were trying to put this Real Estate Broker out of business by sabotaging all of her clients — just to get back at her for not buying her cookies.

So, from now on, when a girl scout offers you some cookies — buy extra. Your business could depend on it!

(1) Those nice girl scouts in the neighborhood were not so nice at all. They couldn’t take “no” for an answer.
(2) The “nice” girl scouts got on their walkie talkies & had their friend disconnect the Realtor’s battery. (who wouldn’t buy their cookies)
(3) The “nice” girl scouts had their friend disconnect the Realtor’s battery after she wouldn’t buy their cookies!
(4) When the Realtor found out her engine wouldn’t start, she tossed her own cookies. #girlscouts #notary

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February 28, 2013

Do you ramble? What do your clients think?

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I talk to customers all the time. Everybody has a different style of communication.

Some just don’t answer the phone at all. Others answer only to tell me that they can’t talk to me. Why bother answering at all if you refuse to talk. Some people spend more effort resisting talking to me than it would take to listen to the single sentence that I wanted to convey to them. Others talk, but spend a lot of time complaining about many types of things. Sometimes they complain about us, and other times they complain about signing companies. But, what about another category of communication — rambling?

When you ask certain people a simple question about themselves, they become spellbound and speechless.

Q. How many loans have you signed in your life?
A. Ummm… Hmmm. Let me keep you waiting for about 10 minutes while I think endlessly, and still come up blank.

Then there are the people who give a different answer than what you asked for.

Q. How many loans have you signed in your life?
A. Well, I’ve been a Real Estate broker for 30 years.

Q. Nobody on 123notary will hire you as a Real Estate broker, but they might hire you as a notary if you communicate your skill as a notary.
A. Well, since I’ve been a Real Estate broker, I know my loan documents well.

Then, there are the people who ramble and give you far more useless information than you want and go on and on.

Q. How many loans have you signed in your life?
A. Gee, I never thought about that before. Hmmm. Well, I signed one today, and I think two yesterday… Nope… It was one, because the other one got cancelled because the borrower had a cold. And let’s see. The week before that I think I signed three — or was it four? Hmm, I forgot. The week before that I was sick, so I didn’t do many notarizations.

Response: Sorry to interrupt, but the information you are giving me is completely useless. I am trying to fill in a box that has room for a number, not a long story. Once again, do you know how many loans you have signed in your life?

The key point here is to understand that if you ramble with clients, they are not going to want to use you for anything, even if you are a good notary. Imagine that you work for a busy signing company and have to talk to 100 notaries a day. The last thing you want is someone who screws up, as that would be a nightmare to clean up. The second worst thing is someone who talks endlessly without giving you any useful information. It is not only extremely annoying, but a waste of their time — and trust me when I claim that people at Title or Signing Companies don’t like to have their time wasted — not even a minute.

Sure, it’s nice to make small talk and polite conversation. You gain points for this because it is pleasant. Don’t over do it on the small talk either, because once again — people are under time pressure. But, don’t ramble on when you talk to business people — they don’t have time. The worst offenders are retired folks. Since THEY have very little to do, and a very open schedule, they often forget that the rest of the world has more to do than they can handle, and doesn’t have time or patience for rambling.

So, the moral of todays story is — don’t ramble if you want to have clients!