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December 29, 2018

Notaries can get jobs at banks more easily

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If you are a Notary Public and want to get work, certain types of businesses seem to need to have Notaries on staff. You need to have other skills to, but the fact you are a Notary really makes you a whole lot more attractive since they need that service often.

Bank Notary Public
Banks typically offer Notary service. They often offer it free to their clients or at least for a reasonable cost. They need you to understand whatever skills are pertinent for the position you are applying for. But having a current Notary commission gives you that extra edge and can help you get hired a lot more easily.

Bank Notary Issues
Some Notaries get their commission on their own. but, other Notaries have their notary commission paid for by their boss which complicates matters. Some Notaries have an exclusivity agreement where they can only Notarize for their boss. The nature of this agreement might be based on whatever your particular state laws allow, so I cannot make any generalized statements about this type of agreement. An exclusivity agreement says that the Notary can only notarize for clients of the boss. Or it might say the Notary can only notarize for clients during business hours. However, the journal and seal are still the exclusive property of the Notary Public regardless of who paid for their commission. If the boss wants to see their journal, they can look up a particular entry in the presence of the Notary, but may not walk off with the Notary journal.

Notary Identification
A Notary at a bank can do a notarization for someone who walks in. The signer or customer would need to have a current or valid identification card or passport that is acceptable in your state. Generally drivers licenses, state ID cards, and passports would be accepted in any state and other types of ID might be also depending on what it is and what state you are located in.

Can a Bank Notary Notarize for a non-customer?
That is entirely up to the individual bank.

What can a Bank Notary Charge?
Once again, some banks offer free notarization services while others charge for their services. Maximum fees are based on state laws and you can find out by googling your state notary division’s website.


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