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June 17, 2012

North Carolina e-notary rules

North Carolina e-Notary Rules – passing a test is required! – enotary general rules – become an e-notary in

North Carolina
North Carolina has an electronic notary training program and electronic commerce seminars.  There is also training for instructors.
To become an e-notary, you first need to hold a North Carolina Notary Commission.  Then, you need to register to take an e-Notarization course at a local community college.  You need to take and pass the e-notary course with a score of at least 80%. Next, you need to complete a registration form and have it notarized.  The form then needs to be sent to the Department of the Secretary of State with a $50 registration fee.  Next, you need to get an Electronic Notary Oath Notification Letter from the Dept. of Secretary of State.  You need to take your oath at the Register of Deeds Office within 45 days of the Electronic Notary Commission issue date.  Next, you get an Electronic notary certificate from the Register of Deeds.  Finally, you present the Electronic notary certificate to an e-notary solution provider who can get you an e-seal, e-journal, etc.   This is the only state I have sen so far that documents an extensive and thorough process for becoming an e-notary.

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