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June 13, 2016

Don’t answer the phone by saying, “Hullo?”

Quick tip of the day

When people are searching for Notaries, if they want someone professional, they will not be satisfied if you answer the phone saing, “Hello?” You might not know the difference, and most other people might not either, but if you want to cater to those who have standards, someone so simple as how you answer the phone actually matters. The low-ballers (who you are tired of hearing from) are delighted to hear a “hello” as that is an indication that maybe you’ll work for cheap since you probably aren’t that professional or businesslike. But, more demanding companies are looking at how you communicate, how much you know (and NOT how much you claim to know.)

123notary has found that the Notaries that survived with us for ten years have a much higher rate of announcing their personal or company name upon answering the phone. The rate was about 50% for veteran Notaries. These people survived when most Notaries dropped out of the game which should tell you something. Our newer Notaries announce their name roughly 20% of the time which is very unprofessional. Since 123notary needs numbers and lots of numbers to continue its rep of having choices (and being “the numbers site” as we are called when people complain about us on Notary Rotary — we need to keep those numbers up.) But, we need quality as well as quantity which is why we strip our site regularly of low performing free listings and even paid listings that refuse to login for extended periods of time.

So, be professional in all ways including how you answer the phone. And yes, it matters!

Exceptions to the rule:

1. If your company name is “Hello, Inc.”, then you can say Hello when answering the phone.

2. If you sell Aloe Vera as a side business, you can answer the phone saying, “Aloe?” People might think you are Russian if you say it like that, but that’s okay just as long as there isn’t a shortage.

3. If your name is Lionel Ritchey, you can say, “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”


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October 5, 2012

How to get low ballers to stop bothering you

How to get lowball signing companies to stop bugging you for good!
I just talked to a Vermont notary who gave me some very common sense solutions to a problem she had been having for  a long time.  For years, low ballers had been bugging her offering her not enough money. Then, she put in her NOTES SECTION, what here minimum charge was.  Immediately, the nuissance calls stopped! 

Wow! What I recommend, is put it high in your notes section, because the first 100 or so characters of your notes show up on the search results.  If it clearly says: $90 minimum for loan signings, the low ballers will ball somewhere else.  It’s that easy!

If that doesn’t work, then change your business name to, “Elite Mobile Notary” and hope for the best!

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