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July 23, 2015

See 123notary’s new Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and more…

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123notary has been active on social media since 2009. We did a lot with Facebook and Twitter at first, and then got heavily into blogging. Later we added Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Stumblepon, and Tumblr. Social media is kind of fun. To be honest it is our Facebook that is getting the majority of the traffic. But, we have very intelligent conversations on Linked In which is wonderful. Below are some links to our new accounts.

123notary’s Pinterest profile is not like the others. Pinterest has a very low count of notary profiles. So, we are trying to appeal to a more general business community in hopes that maybe they will need a notary. We also have travel posts, entrepreneur posts, and more. I love how Pinterest makes it possible to divide your posts into different boards. I have not seen any other social media platform have that feature.

As with Pinterest, there are very few notaries on Tumblr. However, we post general articles of interest. Recently we posted about Route 66, what Starbucks knows about America, and how Google created a built-in mortgage calculator.

Stumbleupon is a very small social media network. We posted general articles of interest. 50 questions to get to know someone. Negotiation tactics, 31 places everyone should visit before they die. We posts notary content from time to time, but the audience on Stumbleupon prefers travel and business strategy articles — so, we give them what they like!

Google+ Notary Community — yet another forum!
We have been working up a storm on Google+ and have built up several personal groups as well as a 123notary profile and Notary, Real Estate, and Mortgage community with over 600 members. We hope to grow the group to 5000 over the next year or two. Wish us luck. We’re posting about various notary and real estate topics for the most part on Google+. There are about 30,000 Realtors on that medium, so we are reaching out to them in hopes that they will join our community and one day be a 123notary member.

123notary on Google+
This is our company profile. It is a little different from the community.

123notary on LinkedIn
Our Linked In profile offers in my opinion the highest quality of notary discussions. Users tend to be the most practical and businesslike of any of our networks and have very interesting discussions daily!


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