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September 5, 2018

An idea for safeguarding used notary journals

If you are a California Notary, you are required to safeguard your current journal and keep it under lock and key as well as your Notary seal. However, the used journals that stack up in your closet are not required to be locked up. This poses a problem. What if there is a fire, flood, or you lose them, or they get stolen?

I talked to my father, a retired programmer and retired Attorney. He thought the books should be returned to the county clerk. I told him that would be a bad idea because sometimes there are inquiries about journal entries and the county clerk might be sluggish about responding to queries.

Another solution could be to have local lock boxes for Notaries spread out throughout each big county. That way the Notary can keep their journals safe in a lock box exclusive to them, but have access without having to drive more than a few minutes. They could put copy machines in those storage facilities too. It is an expensive idea, but safeguards the integrity of our profession. What do you think?