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January 22, 2016

Can I bring my 12 year old to a signing?

Linked In Sums it Up
One lady on LinkedIn asked this question and the crowd loved it. Should you bring children to a signing? In my opinion it is grossly inappropriate to bring anyone to the signing who is not part of the loan process. Sometimes a Lender will accompany a Notary to a signing. And sometimes relatives of the borrower will show up at a signing table — that is their right. But, for the Notary to bring their children looks very unprofessional.

The Deed of Macchiato
Small children can make noise and cause trouble. One of our best stories is about a Notary who brought her toddler to a signing at Starbucks. The three year old accidentally tipped over a mocha which turned the Security Instrument into a Deed of Macchiato. I’m sorry to take “shots” at this Notary, but I want to milk (or latte) this story for what it’s worth. After the signing company found out what this Notary did, they got steamed, and the Notary got lightly roasted.

So, Where to Put Your Children?
It is not uncommon for women to bring their husbands to signings, but the hubby always stays by the wheel, otherwise they might spoke the wrong type of attention. Relatives normally stay in the car and read during the signing. Many women employ this procedure as a security measure to make sure they are not abducted, murdered, or harmed at the signing. Children can also wait in the car if they are mature enough to. If you have really little children, you need a babysitter and a few backups just in case. You will lose all of your clients if you bring your toddlers

Screaming Children
As we stated in our 30 point course, if you answer the phone and there are screaming children in the background, you will lose a lot of clients. It should be quiet when you answer the phone, otherwise people will feel you are grossly unprofessional. If there is noise, apologize for the noise, and move to another room where it is quiet, or find a way to put the client on hold while you stop the noise.

Another Solution
Just wait for six years and then your 12 year old will be 18. Then, he/she/they can get his/her/their Notary commission and join you as an apprentice — with permission of course — and pretend he/she is not related to you(s). [don’t cross out the (s) if you’s guys are New Jersey residents]


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