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August 15, 2014

What does the Owl icon mean?

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Many people on 123notary don’t understand our icons. They think that the 24 hour icon means that they close up shop at 7pm, but that you can contact them 24 hours a day, providing that it is before 7pm. That is not how we look at it. We have people with hours from 8am to 7pm who ask for the 24 hour notary icon. Seriously people, are you even maintaining your listings? We don’t like people whose hours are “open” or “flexible” or who are available “anytime,” because those words mean something different to everyone. Some people are open anytime, but close up shop at 5pm nightly, while others who are “flexible” are open until 9pm. We want the hard data. When do you start being available for annoying phone calls and when do you stop — in general, in numerical form.

If you are willing to receive phone calls at 3am, then you merit the 24 hour icon, if not, then you don’t. But, what about the owl icon? Who, or should I say, “hoo” merits that?

Here are our liberal qualifications for meriting the owl icon on 123notary.com

(1) Being available for phone calls until at least 10:30pm nightly and
(2) Saying “hoo” frequently
(3) Feathers (optional)

(1) Having the OWL icon on 123notary means you take phone calls until 10:30pm or later & say “Hoo” regularly!
(2) If you are kind of 24 hours, but not exactly, consider getting the owl icon on 123notary.com & say “Hoo”


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