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August 8, 2014

A signing with white wine and a raspy voice

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One day I had gotten a call from a woman who was unhappy with the notary she had used the previous day. She had used am el cheapo notary who took half the day and completely botched the job. I wanted to really help them out so I took the job.

When I met them, the broker was upset with the situation, and the client was incredibly irate with what had happened the previous day, I was surprised to find that she was an attractive woman despite the raspy, grandmotherly voice she had. She had opened a bottle of white wine as I got my documents out, signed the paperwork after I explained everything and then she proceeded to down the entire bottle by the time I left. Luckily, she was in a better mood by the time I left!

I was appalled by the entire situation for two reasons:
(1) Loan Signings go much better with North Coast Zinfandel, and
(2) I felt insulted that she didn’t offer the notary (me) any white wine. Doing signings is a stressful job you know!

(1) They opened a bottle of white wine at the beginning of the signing. By the time we finished, the bottle was empty.
(2) Despite her raspy grandmotherly sounding voice, she was an attractive young lady signing the loan.


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