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August 1, 2014

Loan signing at a high school reunion

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So one of my more interesting signings occurred at a high school reunion in a loud nightclub. The man I was meeting HAD to get these documents done that night. So we got the signing done amidst compromised lighting, loud music, and loud people! There’s nothing like shouting over the noise to make sure everything gets done correctly!

Borrower: “So, where do I sign?”
Notary: “What?”
Borrower: “So, where do I SIGN?”
Notary: “I’m feeling FINE too!”
Borrower: (leaning over and talking into the Notary’s ear) “So, where do I sign?”
Notary: “Can we find a quiet place to do this signing, it is a bit loud in here.”
Borrower: “I have to stay here because my wife is coming and she’ll get worried if I’m not here.”
Notary: “Got it. Let’s find a nice table, with no liquids on it!”
Borrower: (gestures to the table on the right)

Cindy: “Like Oh my god! Didn’t we make out at the prom like 10 years ago?”
Borrower: “I was so drunk at that prom I don’t remember much. But, I’m married now, so whatever happened then happened then.”
Cindy: “I’m married now too, my husband is the OTHER guy I made out with during the prom.”
Borrower: “Lucky guy (I guess)”
Cindy: “Gotta go, I want to mingle”

Notary: “Okay, here is the Deed of Trust, you need to initial here…”
Borrower: “Judicial?”
Notary: “NO, INITIAL!”
Borrower: “Oh, okay”
Notary: “Here is the Occupancy Affidavit”
Borrower: “I’m not David, I’m Paul”
Notary: “No, see, follow my finger… it says Af-fi-da-vit”
Borrower: “Oh, I thought that you thought that I was (belch) David”
Notary: “A little less beer, a little more medication…”
borrower: “What?”
Notary: “Never mind, just sign here please!”

Chuck: “Hey, you’re the guy that was flirting with my girlfriend at the prom ten years ago!”
Borrower: “What? Oh, you must be Cindy’s husband. Congratulations”
Chuck: “No, I’m Jan’s husband. She didn’t go to school here. But, my girlfriend was Samantha. I’m still pissed at you!”
Borrower: “Sorry, I was stone drunk at the time. I don’t remember a thing.”

Gary: “Hey Paul, did you ever get into Yale, like we talked about?”
Borrower: “Let’s just say that it didn’t work out. But, I have a successful plumbing practice now. The average plumber makes more than a Yale graduate by the way.
Gary: “Just make sure your pipes don’t freeze, gotta catch up with Cindy”
Borrower: “You didn’t also, did you… at the prom?”
Gary: “Didn’t what?”
Borrower: “Never mind… back to the signing”

Notary: “We’re almost done… just sign these last three and I’ll drop this in the Fedex box”
Borrower: “I’m so glad I have three days to rescind. When I’m sober, I’ll look these babies over again!”
Notary: “Oh, you mean the borrower’s copies? You must have been seeing double. You’ve had a few too many drinks!”
Borrower: “You mean there are no borrower’s copies?”
Notary: “I’m just pulling your leg. Your borrower’s copies are right here! Hang on to them.”
Borrower: “What?”
Notary: “I think I see your wife looking for you to the left!”
Borrower: “How do you know that’s my wife?”
Notary: “Let’s just say that I went to high school with her!”

(1) A signing at a high school reunion at a loud nightclub. “Initial here!” “Judicial?” “No, INITIAL!”
(2) Paul was doing a signing at his high school reunion that was interrupted by all of his ex-girlfriends.

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