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July 4, 2014

Where does 123notary get ideas for blog articles?

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When I started writing for my blog, I thought I would run out of ideas. I wrote about all of the technical notary issues I could think of. I wrote about journals, loan signing procedures, marketing and more. Then, I ran out of ideas. Then, we started talking to notaries and asking them about their craziest stories. There were many stories and many of them were excellent. The more gruesome the better!

Since, I have to write about 25 articles per month myself and have some help from Ken, Carmen and a few others for extra blog entries, I have to have tried and true techniques for finding blog ideas. Not all blog topics will be popular, but sometimes it is surprising to learn about what people like, or respond to the most. Our notaries are practical types for the most part. They like the stories, but respond more to everyday types of situations that affect their lives.

My new techniques for creating blog topics are reading Facebook, seeing what was popular on Twitter, our Forum, Notary Rotary’s forum, seeing comments to our blog entries, and even reading emails from clients. Additionally, we get stories from our notaries from time to time. I also come up with ideas from talking to people on the phone. From talking to people, I learn what some people are competent about and what areas they need improvement in. Reading through people’s notes sections also opens a can of worms. I wrote sixteen pages about notes sections in our Ninja course, and could probably write twenty blog articles on the topic as well.

If you have an interesting blog article idea, run it by us. We need 365 ideas per year.

(1) 123notary gets ideas for blog articles from Facebook, the forum, Stories from our clients, emails and daily life!

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