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March 14, 2014

Notarizing a girl’s phone number at a bar!

Notarizing a girl’s phone number at a bar!

A guy and girl are talking.
They hit it off
Guy asks girl for her phone number
Girl gives it
Guy asks if the phone number can be notarized or authenticated
(he has been given many wrong numbers before…)

Girl: “Oh yeah… no problem, there’s a notary at the next table over, I know him…”
Guy: “Finally I’m getting a number that is real… I’m in the running. I have a real chance.”
Notary: “Let me call the number to verify it…. ring ring… yup it works.”

The Notary notarizes the statement with the number in it.
After all is finished…

Guy: “How did you know that guy is a notary?”
Girl: “Because he’s my boyfriend”

(1) He: Can u authenticate ur #?
She: There’s a notary at the next table
He: How do uknow that?
She: He’s my boyfriend
(2) Worried if the # a gal gave you is fake? Get it notarized!
(3) Wondering if a phone # a girl gave you is legit? Get it notarized!

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