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August 20, 2014

If movie reviews get one to four stars, why not notary reviews?

My comedy writer came up with blog entry ideas. He is a very funny guy. He will think in deep concentration for twenty minutes crafting the exact wording of a joke. So, he came up with the idea of giving notaries stars in their reviews.

If you don’t have reviews… How to get reviews…
In my opinion, if a notary doesn’t have any reviews after being on www.123notary.com for a year, perhaps they are not the best notary in the world. What I learned, is if you don’t ask for reviews, you won’t get any, unless you are really amazing. So, how do you distinguish between notaries who get reviews organically, and those who pester everyone in site for a review? You can’t.

Imagine if 123notary gave stars for notary reviews.
If a reviewer really likes a notary, they could award the notary several stars. Once again, in my opinion if you have five or more reviews, you are in the top 1% of notaries on 123notary.com, and that speaks for itself. But, what if you have a legitimate review from a Title company? It is hard as hell to get a Title review! In fact, for every twenty reviews on 123notary.com, there is less than one Title review. Title companies are bombarded with requests for reviews, and they will only write one if they love you or hate you. Believe me they have to love you more than the other three hundred notaries who pestered them recently!

What would notaries think?
In real life, if certain notaries got stars, and others didn’t, there would be rivalry and jealousy. A notary has a lot of control as to whether or not they have our certification, but how much control do they have.

“How come Carol got four stars, but I only got three?”
I can just hear it now. Another nightmare that would make the SPW drama seem like a walk in the park!

The truth is, if the reviewer doesn’t think you are worth three or four stars, they probably wouldn’t be writing the review for you in the first place! So, if you have a review, it is worth four stars in my book. After all, what is someone going to do, write a review about you saying that you were just okay, adequate — “She did her job well, but it was nothing special?” If you are that dull, not so many people will write a review about you.

Ending tip:
If you want reviews, go out of your way to be the most educated and pleasant notary in your state. Arrive on time, dress well, smell good, be pleasant, don’t discuss politics (unless you are bar tender notary) and study up so you can give informative answers to any questions that they might have (not including legal questions which should be referred to an attorney.) Good luck!

(1) Imagine if 123notary make it possible for those writing reviews to give you three or four stars?
(2) If you have five or more reviews on your notary profile, you are in the top 1% of notaries in terms of quality!
(3) Another drama that would make the SPW drama seem like a walk in the park!
(4) If you want reviews: arrive on time, dress well, smell good, be pleasant, answer questions thoroughly, and for god’s sake don’t discuss politics!


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  1. What about reviews of customers? I was recently retained to travel nearly 100 miles rt for a signing, scanning and emailing in addition to sending the materials by overnight, then it took over three weeks to get paid after nearly a dozen phone calls. How do you warn other notaries about a customer that’s a bad pay?

    Comment by Elise Dee Beraru — August 24, 2014 @ 1:01 pm

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