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August 25, 2013

Your Notary Journal should be kept safe!

Many people just don’t understand how important a notary journal really is. Your official journal of notarial acts is where you record critical information such as the signer’s name, address, identification, signature, thumbprint, as well as information about the document that you notarized. Can you imagine how bad it would be if your journal was lost or stolen? What if someone had a critical inquiry about a fraudulent act that was commited in conjunction with one of the documents you notarized.

That is why notary journals in California must be kept under lock and key and under the exclusive care of the notary. If you leave your journal hanging around like I saw today in someone’s office, that journal could get stolen. Or, what if someone else pretended to be you and used your notary seal and journal? What if a family member who you trust uses your notary seal and journal? Or worse, what if you actually let them use your notary seal and journal?

Remember, your notary journal might be the only piece of evidence you have if subpoenaed to court. So keep it safe, and take ample notes about what actually happened at the notarization. Take notes about the room, the building, the signers, and anything unusual that could jog your memory years after the fact when you end up in court. You’ll thank me then!

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