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September 23, 2013

Where do you document Notary Fees?

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Notary fees vary from state to state. Although there are many similar types of notary laws across state lines, the requirement to keep a journal varies from state to state as do Notary Public fees. Some states have minimum or maximum Notary fees set by their state’s notary division. Other states have no specified Notary fee and leave it to the notary (I want to move to THAT state!). But, where are the notary fees actually charged for particular transactions documented?

Your Notary Journal
Most notary journals have a section to the right of each entry where you can enter the Notary Public fee that you charged the client. You can also indicate how the client paid you, i.e. check, cash, isquare, or for notaries in the Vatican City, they sometimes get paid via papal.com!

But, not all states require a Notary Journal
Yes, but there is no penalty for keeping a Notary Journal. After all, you could be held legally responsible for what you notarize, especially if fraud is suspected, so it behooves you to keep a Notary Journal EVEN if your state’s notary division is too foolish to require the use of one! Remember — think “above and beyond” if you want to stay alive in this game!

What are my state’s Notary Public fees?
Look them up at:

What if a Notary charges more than the state appointed maximum notary fee?
You can report them to your state’s Secretary of State or Notary Division.

Good luck!


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