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December 10, 2013

Dye Another Day: The Notary Seal That Ran Out Of Ink!

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Dye Another Day: The Notary Seal That Ran Out of Ink

It had been just another week of fax-backs and venues and back-to-back appointments. But it was at the end of the month. Samantha was a busy notary signing agent. She had eight signings lined up for Thursday and another nine on Friday. Everything got scheduled perfectly, and everything was great — or so it seemed. She went out to her appointments. The jobs went okay. There was a small delay at the Rosenthals, but not for very long. Then she proceeded to her other signings which were just typical signings with the same typical questions:

Why is my APR so high?
Why am I paying my appraisal fee twice? I thought I paid out of pocket for that and it is on the HUD.
Will my payments be automatically deducted from my bank account?

Then, it was time to notarize. But her stamp got so faint that she couldn’t stamp anything. It was a crisis. She had spare ink in the car, so she went and got the small bottle. But the ink was down to almost the bottom; there were only a few drops left! She distributed the last few drops as evenly as she could on her notary stamp. She let the ink soak in for a few minutes. It was make it or break it, so she decided to be careful. She did a test run — okay, a few test runs on a blank piece of paper to make sure it was not too runny. She had enough ink to get her through the rest of the month. Then, after it was all over, she dashed over to the NNA to get more ink refill.

Samantha’s clients were so happy that she was able to get the job done.
The notary said, “Well, you know what we say in our profession when we run out of ink– Dye another day!”

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  1. Reinking is certainly important. It’s also important to take that stamp to the sink with an old toothbrush and some soap. They need to be cleaned regularly if you wish to, pardon the pun, make a good impression.

    Comment by Kenneth A Edelstein — December 10, 2013 @ 11:20 pm

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