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August 27, 2013

Signing with a ghost

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A California notary public named Shelly went to a signing in a very historical part of town. The building was an antiquated hotel that had been written up in may publications about historic landmarks and buildings. It was supposed to have been on California’s top 20 list for haunted buildings. In any case the California notary said, “I don’t believe in this nonsense”.

So, the California notary went to the appointment. It was for a very old lady named Mrs. Cooper. She said that she had lived in the building for decades, and made sure that it was kept up nicely. She made sure that the building was maintained to its 1880’s style. Mrs. Cooper’s husband had died in the house many years earlier. He had a happy life, and had many friends over to play pool and drink overly priced whisky.

Mrs. Cooper commented that if you sit in the dining room, and leave the door to the pool room open, you can sometimes smell a faint oder of whisky and sometimes hear the sound of pool balls hitting each other.

So, the California Notary Public was very interested in Mrs. Cooper’s story. But, Shelly didn’t quite believe the far-fetched stories. She began the signing with Mrs. Cooper. It was an FHA loan — a really long one. They would be there for perhaps two hours. The lights in the pool room were out. But, there was an odd glow in the room. Shelly got curious and went to the entrance of the pool room which was right next to the dining room where the signing was taking place. Although there was no light on in the pool room, Shelly could see everything.

Sure enough, a faint click of pool balls hitting each other was audible. Then, a faint smell of whisky in the air. Shelly had read that in San Diego there is a famous ghost of Mrs. Whaley who makes his presence known to the living by creating a faint small of cigar smoke wherever he goes.

Mr. Whaley’s ghost was documented in the 123notary forum, but the notaries didn’t believe that Jeremy really smelled the cigar smoke — and so did Jeremy’s psychic when they were both together. No, it was not made up — and hundreds of others have smelled it. It is a documented fact that ghosts can create distinct smells that are their trademarks. Not all ghosts, but many. One ghost was known for her scent of purfume. Others will come with a cold spot in the air. Each ghost is different. Fortunately, Mr. Whaley’s ghost is very friendly and not scary at all!

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