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August 25, 2013

West Side Story for Notaries

It all happened back in the 70’s. There was a girl named Maria who was a New York Notary Public at large. She had come to America to make a better living and have a better life. The plantain famine in Puerto Rico had driven her family and many others to the continental states. She started out by going to school to learn to be a secretary. That is all that she thought she could amount to. This is partly due to the way her father raised her. Her father never suggested that she would become anything bigger or more glamorous than a simple secretary. This reminds me of one of my favorite expressions, “A narrow mind is a terrible thing to waste.” In any case, Maria was a diligent student. She became the best secretary in all of New York City. She worked for a few years and saved up some money. But, this was not enough. She wanted more.

Maria talked to her friend Carmen about moving up in the world. Carmen told her that education was the key that could open many doors to a long term good future. But, Maria didn’t want to go to school for too long. Carmen said, “Worry not, notary school lasts only a few hours and can change your life!”. So, Maria went to a New York Notary Public Seminar, and became a New York Notary Public.

Song — I want to be a notary public

I like to be a notary public
Okay by me as a notary public
Everything free as a notary public
For a small fee set by the Department of State

Having a seal is so nice
One look at us and they’ll pay twice
No-one will be able to find you anywhery
Better to stick with your old job as a secretary

Please sign the journal then sign right here
Won’t make enough money to buy beer.
Say what you want about my new career
Endless wealth and success is near.

Skyscrapers bloom for a notary public
Cadillacs zoom for a notary public
Industry boom for a notary public
Twelve in a room for a notary public

I think I’ll return to San Juan
I know what boat you can get on
Everyone there will have big cheers
Everyone there will have moved here.


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