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June 30, 2013

A california notary writes about her Fedex Cut-off

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I was browsing through notary notes sections on a Monday night. It was late, and I had arrived home after meditation. My regular taco truck was not in its regular location, so I had to get my tacos at my other favorite place — the place with the three chili hot sauce. It isn’t really that hot, but very flavorful.

So, I perused dozens of listings. Most just were fluff, and were very wordy without saying much that anyone would want to use to hire them. Sure you take it seriously, and sure you get the job done professionally. Sure, I believe the Sacramento notary who claimed to have had done 20,000 error-free signings. Fluff. Sure I believe the notary in San Joaquin who claims to be dependable and reliable even though she never answers her phone!

But, then I read a young lady’s notes section. I can’t remember her exact location, but I believe she is from San Jose or Santa Cruz. She was very specific in a few unusual ways. She mentioned that the Fedex cut-off for her local station was 8:30pm. That is a very late cut-off and actually good to know. It was very thoughtful of her to write this.

There is a California notary who is paying attention — this is proof.

Remember — specifics and uniqueness sell. This FedEx statistic she gave is both specific and very unique information considering that nobody else has ever written this.

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