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June 27, 2013

One notary included a copy of a testimonial in her notes

Few notaries do this, but if you want to stand out — be different in a good way. One notary included a very compelling copy of a testimonial, included its source, and where the original could be located. That is a very potent sales strategy. Impress them with proof that you are good.

If you say you are good, who will believe you? But, if someone else says you are good, and you can prove it, then you get real credibility.

But, what if you are on the approved list for Title companies. Shouldn’t you mention that? Very few notaries are on the white glove list. That is a huge selling feature. Forget about how dependable you claim to be and focus on REAL selling features that are irrefutable evidence that you rock. Be one of the smarter notaries, use third party credibility!


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