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June 3, 2013

Find a Notary Public page… interestin​g analytics

If you want to find a great mobile notary — the solution is easy. Visit 123notary.com and visit the Find a Notary page. Click on the name of the corresponding state, and then look up by city, county, or find newly registered notaries on our site.

The newly registered notary page is actually very popular. Signing companies love this page. They need to beef up their database with new and promising notaries. The problem is that many of our newer notaries don’t understand the importance of beefing up their notes section with great information about themselves. The result is that during that critical window of time when signing companies can view them on this special list — there will be nothing interesting to see. If you are new signing up on 123notary, write a beautiful and unique notes section chock filled with facts about your service, and unusual, but attractive ways of expressing yourself. Need help? Ask us — we help for free!

But, what about analytics? How well does this Find a Notary page do? A year ago when our traffic was around 100,000 visitors per month, our search traffic on the Find Notary page was around 15,000. There are other search pages such as the masthead search and the advanced search, not to mention search mechanisms on the actual search pages themselves.

But, now our traffic is around 160,000 visitors per month and our Find a Notary page is getting around 22,000 visits per month searching for Notaries. Traffic is up, and we intend to keep the traffic growing. Where will we reach our peak performance and stop growing? Who knows. I have learned through experience to always assume that there is plenty of room for growth. This is not only positive thinking, but unlocks the paths to growth!


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