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April 9, 2013

Does Elite Certification Help?

I just crunched some current numbers. The stats on 123notary have changed a lot this year. It used to be the case that position was the primary factor in who got jobs. Now, things have changed. Just as long as you are in the top five spots, your exact positioning doesn’t matter as much as your qualifications for obtaining jobs.

We recommend using unfair tactics to get work such as:

(1) Knowledge
(2) Qualifications

We learned that those with good notes sections, Elite certification, and 5+ reviews were getting at least 6 times the amount of work, yes 6x, that notaries got who did not have our certification or any reviews. Getting reviews is free. Our Elite Certification is something that you have to pay for once, and take a test, but that you get to keep for life after that.

If you are not sure about the Elite Certification, get the reviews first, and tidy up your notes. Then, see if you get more work. If you do, then we can talk about Elite Certification later. Visit our Elite page below


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