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March 22, 2013

Reviews from Title Companies

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Notaries always tell us how hard it is to get a review from a title company. It is hard. Many notaries ask signing and title companies for reviews, but they write reviews for such few notaries. Basically, in my opinion, if an individual has written reviews that I accepted for three or more notaries, then they have a sort of impartial credibility. They are not just writing the review as a favor for a friend, but are writing it because the notary is actually really good. To me a review written by someone who writes many reviews has five times the credibility as a regular review that could have been written by anyone.

Once again, I have no reason to believe that more than a handful of reviews on 123notary are actually fake. But, some reviews carry more credibility than others, and some are better written than others.

In the future, we will be giving a lot more weight to reviews from credible sources in your stats page. We keep stats on all notaries to compare them. Some notaries have amazing stats while others have dismal, and everything in between.


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