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March 17, 2013

The top 1% and the 99%

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I think that the bottom 99% of notaries should take over wall street — or perhaps Orange county where most of the signing companies are. It seems that 1% of the notaries have about 30% of the reviews on 123notary, and perhaps about 20% of the jobs. It seems unfair.

Why should this 1% get only 20% of the business, when they are so smart and hardworking. We have so many slackers on our site who refuse to get a review and belligerantly protest getting certified by us. 20% just doesn’t seem fair. I think they should get at least 30% considering that these top 1% are elite certified and have reviews coming out of their ears. They are putting in the effort while others slack off.

So, the 99% can take over a park somewhere, beat some drums and waste time while the top 1% will be busy working and succeeding even more.

I apologize for being cynical, but this is really how it works in the notary world, and in the real world. People getting ahead have developed real skills, and a real work ethic that most people lack. Most companies I deal with just flake on every project every step of the way. I have yet to find companies that do what they are supposed to more than 40% of the time!

On a brighter note, if more of the 99% would join the 1%, then they could get ahead too. Unfortunately, that would morphize the 1% into 1.5% if a few joined them!

Good luck!



  1. Just because a notary has no rating or chooses not to certify with 123notary should not label one a slacker. Personally, I choose to receive my certification from NNA. I habe been a Notary for over 15-years, am background checked, have E&O insurance and am bonded, I have a Paralegal degree, and I feel I am a reputable notary. I am not in charge should an agency choose to rate me, it is their choice totally. I am smart and hardworking, my number of reviews or certifications notwithstanding.

    Comment by Gloria — March 17, 2013 @ 4:44 am

  2. I agree with Gloria. I have been a Notary since 1984 and a Certified Notary Signing Agent for 25 years. I also get most everything from the National Notary Association, I go to their conventions every year. Is that mean I am slacking off? It just means that I am happy the way things are.

    Comment by Marie A. Kalfayan — April 29, 2015 @ 4:20 am

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