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March 13, 2013

When a clean shaven Christian just won’t do…

When a clean shaven Christian just won’t do
When you are tired of the old and want something new
When you your assets have shrunk and your debts just grew
Get your notaries done by a bearded Jew!

Do you feel you need rabinical type commentary on your jurat
Do you feel like you just do know “where you at”?
Do you need a new sub-contractor or just someone to woo?
Well, get your notarizations done by a bearded Jew!

Do you need to have a Talmudic type discussion of what the deeper meaning of an Acknowledgment really is about?
Do you need a Kabbalistic scholar to explain that your notarization is already done: even though you never started?
Do you need someone who makes sense without making sense, but makes it sound so fascinating none-the-less?
Then get your Acknowledgment done by a bearded Jew!

Are you tired of notaries who simply do their job?
And you need someone who spends 45 minutes answering a dozen legal issues effecting the notarization of your documents that are completely unnecessary to address?
Do you need a notary who separates the “clean” in-state acknowledgment wording from the “unclean” out-of state acknowledgment wording so that he doesn’t make a mess?
It sounds to me like you are long overdue for a notarization with a bearded Jew!

Are you longing for someone who understands your condescending jokes about reformed rabbis?
Is your favorite episode of saturday night live the one where they do a Bris ceremony in a limosene and they said, “poifect”.
Do you need someone who gives you three answers for each question you ask, and then spends half an hour comparing the answers to each other to see which one is most applicable?
Then get a Jurat done by a bearded Jew!

Invite your bearded Jewish notary for a bite
Make sure that no dairy is in site
Make sure the small talk just sounds right!
But, don’t eat the red things — it wouldn’t be kosher!

Bearded Jew Notarizations!
Get two acknowledged signatures — get one Mitzva at no additional charge
Get two jurats — get an abrucha — on the house!

Disclaimer: We do abruchas for skateboards, video games, religious books, mezuzahs, new homes, new and used recently purchased cars, but draw the line on ipods — it just wouldn’t be kosher!

We do weddings, bar-mitzvas, baseball bat-mitzvas, hockey stick mitzas, bar & grill mitzvas, and any other type of mitzva you can think of.

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