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March 5, 2013

Notarization with a rock climber & sky diver

Normally, when I write stories about notarizations, it is the signer who is the unusual one. Notaries are usually so conventional types, who lack any eccentricities. But, here is a really fun notary who I just met doing my calls. He runs his own business, and has time to do notarizations in the middle of his daily schedule. He also does rock climbing and sky diving. Wow!

This story will be all jokes, and not true of this particular notary. But, the fact that someone does rock climbing makes for good materials.

The notary joked that never goes to a signing without first chalking up his hands and putting on his rock climbing shoes.
The rock climbing notary liked to help the borrowers by showing them the ropes through a rocky signing.
But, the ungrateful borrower was rude to the notary because his APR was precipitous, and sky high.
The notary said that he was used to being sky high and that it didn’t bother him.

The notary then said, “But, it is worse, if you adjustable rate goes up next year, you will feel like you are hanging by a string!”
The borrower said that was how his neighbor felt after she got addicted to drugs. Her life
became terrible, and her relationship was on the rocks.
The rock climbing notary reverted that many of his friends were high and addicted to cracks most of the time.

After they got through the signing, the borrower asked why the signing was so difficult.
The notary said, that the Lender involved structured loans in a particular way.
But, for easier to sign loans — chose Parachute Signings: Your rate will do nothing but drop, and you will glide through the signing.
The borrower said: Interesting. Well, I enjoyed your service, and you are definately everything you are chalked up to be.

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