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January 31, 2013

And then everything went black

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Hunger was calling her and she needed a few items form the store. So, she got on her bike and was headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things. She had chosen to ride her bike because it was more convenient then pulling out the car, trying to park, etc. As she road through the streets she came to stop at a red light, she remembers that their was a bar on that corner with music blaring annoyingly and then….everything went black.

As she began to wake up what appeared to be a doctor that was bending over stitching up her forehead, saying that ‘this should clear up nicely”. She immediately asked, what was her bodily damage and was told I had a broken femur (upper leg) and in two places required a metal rod to be implanted surgically. She also had 6 broken ribs, a broken collar bone. Her arm was in a sling but they weren’t quite sure what was wrong there. As her head started to clear she realized that something terrible had happened. She was in the hospital…but why? What in the world happened to case all of this?? Had she fallen off the bike?

In the days that followed, her body began to heal and she began to slowly put the pieces together. And surprisingly it just so happened on the day of her accident a client (a trust attorney) that she had previously visited a few days earlier in that same area to complete a few notarizations for had witnessed the aftermath of her being hit. It seems that while she had been waiting for the light to change a vehicle that was going about 35 miles per hour had clipped the wheel of her bike and this had set all of her injuries into motion. The car had sent her flying off her bike. There she laid face down unconscious. She is blessed to be alive.

She is recovering nicely and gives thanks to God for saving her life. She knows that it could have been even worse. It was also a great blessing that her client the trust attorney was there which helped in the investigation. As details unfolded she also learned that the person that hit her had the last name “divine’. WOW!

Be safe out there. Until the next time…

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