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September 18, 2013

Uncertified and NOT a single call

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We had a young lady sign up on 123notary.com. She knew that we were a very powerful marketing tool. She got a 7th place listing in a big metro. However, she was not certified by 123notary.com. Whenever we bring up the topic of certification, people want to argue with us and talk about their NNA certification. All I want to know is:

Does your NNA certification show up on 123notary.com?
I didn’t think so!
That is because WE are NOT the NNA. We are 123notary.com and we recognize 123notary.com certification.

This lady has been online for a month and not gotten a single call. She emailed me to ask why. I looked at her notes section, and it was fine. The rest of the listing looked fine. Her placement was fine. Everything was fine. But, there were zero reviews which is suicide, and no 123notary certification.

The area she is in has the first 12 notaries ALL certified with her as the exception. She is the only one who doesn’t have a certification icon. There are a few regular green certification icons, and a handful of elite certifications thrown in. So, what can we learn from this?

123notary is gradually getting a lot of people certified. If only a few people are certified in your area, you can can argue with us and “GET AWAY” with not having it for the time being. But, as more and more people jump on the band wagon — you might soon find out that you are the only one in your area in a prominent position who doesn’t have it — and your phone will stop ringing.

People with thoroughly belled and whistled listings on 123notary often report the phone ringing off the hook. But, paying us is only a quarter of the battle. You have to get those bells and whistles or you lose. So, make a few calls, get some reviews, write a notes section, and for god’s sake, get our certification as soon as humanly possible.


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  1. I happen to be 123 Certified. Recently I got a call from a signing company which sends me business, to get certified with NNA and have their background check in order to receive any orders where title specifies such a request. Amazing.

    Comment by Frank FIsh — September 24, 2013 @ 7:54 pm

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