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December 14, 2012

Signing Service wants me to do MY part?

Many closings — many companies
When I first started out I use to do a lot of closings for quite a few signing services. That was before I really knew the business. There was one signing service in particular that was my very favorite. They were great. They paid $75, but there was no printing involved. So I could live with the fee. All their loan were usually were A paper loans and trouble fee and they were only about 70-80 pages total either sent to me or the borrowers. And they gave me several loans per week so it was a perfect situation all around. The more I worked with them the more they gave me. On the first of the mouth I could count on payment for all of the jobs for that previous month. It was just a great company to work for. Period. Fyi, and they are still in business.

The industry slowed down and attitudes changed
But when things started to go south and the business started to dry up people started to change how they did business. Attitudes and personalities started to change. To put it bluntly people started to turn on each other.

Go to their work — not their home?
On this particular day I received a call from this company asking if I was available and I told them of course I was for them. I received the confirmation, called to confirm with my borrowers and off I go. Now instead of meeting the borrowers originally as planned at their homes they want me to meet them at one of their place of employment. They will both be present. I ask them about parking but was told they don’t validate. So When I get to the area there is no where to park except for the 20.00 or so lots. (beachfront area) I call my beloved signing service to let them know the situation and that I will be invoicing the additional parking fees that I will have to pay out of pocket.. (which would have never been a problem in the past)

They wouldn’t pay for parking
But to my surprise they tell me we cannot authorize that. The scheduler goes onto tell me times are tight and that I need to bare this expense or find better parking. She says that we must all our part and need to make sacrifices in these lean times. I am about to blow a gasket!! Is she serious with this. I am only getting 75.00 so know I have to lose $20.00 of that to parking. I’m thinking that she has lost her mind!!. I decide that I am not going to argue with her because she couldn’t possibly know what she is talking about. I will go on and do the closing and discuss it with the owner of the company at a later date. And I know if I drag this out any further on the phone I will be late. I park and complete the signing.

The owner wouldn’t help
The next day I call the owner expecting that that I would get an entirely different outcome. After all they had always been good with the little extras if I had to pay out of pocket… but to my surprise and shock I am told the same exact thing by the owner..that we have to do are part, we have to share in the expense and get through these tough times. I am thinking lady you are nuts, that is your place not mine. They were getting over $250.00 per signing and I have to make the sacrifice. Yeah right! At the time that was the most ridiculous thing that I had ever heard. So it was at that defining moment that I decided that I no longer would be able to work for this company. And I told them so. And I cried for over a week. But, I was blessed with other better paying clients so it ending up being their loss not mine.

They called many years later
And the most ironic thing is that just a few days ago (keep in mind I haven’t heard form them for years) out of the blue I received a call from them. I did not answer the call so they left a voice mail. It went something like this. “Hi, Carmen, we found you on 123notary we see you are still a signing agent, can’t figure out why we stopped working together, you were great, Please give us a call”…..

Well now I guess they will know……

Until next time, be safe

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  1. What a great story! I totally agree. Most of these companies don’t really understand what it takes to actually do a closing. The printing, paper, driving, gas! I don’t blame you for leaving. Maybe in the future they will work to keep the good notaries.

    Comment by Dionne — December 14, 2012 @ 8:23 pm

  2. “we must all our part”, “..that we have to do are part” ? Needs “do” between “all’ and “our”, an extra dot in the ellipses, and “are” to become “our”. FYI.

    Comment by John — December 16, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

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