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December 5, 2012

OMG! There was alcohol on her breath

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I cannot for the life of me understand the reasoning behind what I am about to share with you here.

I get a call from a title officer, she wants to share a story with me that she has regarding an incident with a notary signing agent. Fortunately for Jeremy and I she was not a member. This tile officer was at the time a client of mine and although she wants to hire me at this time she also wants to share this crazy story with me and I am more than curious to hear her out. What can I say I am a sucker for a story. 🙂 It seems that she needed a signing completed in a different area and she hired a notary that had been referred to her by one of the loan officers that she has often worked with. She said that during the phone interview process this notary sounded knowledgable and professional. She gave her the job and as far as she knew the closing went well. She had received the docs as planned the very next day so all seemed A-OK. . But that was short lived. She went on to tell me that the borrower/s had called the lender and had reported that the notary was intoxicated and that they could smell liquor on her breath and clothes. Now, I am stunned and after my ‘You have got to be kidding’ statement I am speechless. She paused her story, and said that she was not kidding and asked me should she go on. I asked her to continue. I thought ‘you cant stop now’…

It seems the notary showed up late and her behavior was what they called a little loose, a little too friendly (affects of the liquor I am sure) The borrowers said she was not actually what they would call drunk but it was clear to them that she was intoxicated because of her carefree attitude and the handling of their loan. The only reason that they allowed the signing to continue was because of time constraints and she seemed to be able to still do her job. But they did admit that they were a little worried. (I am thinking you had every right to be more than a little worried, what a mess!)

Now as I am listening to this in shock and disbelief I am thinking that this is one of the most absurd things I think I have heard in quite some time. All kind of things are swirling through my head as my title friend was talking. ‘This stupid person: she is driving while under the influence, she is handling sensitive documents, she is a government official…damn, w.hat in the world was she thinking!!! Why would you be drinking on the job? Did she think no one would know or notice her behavior?

Well, before she could finish and before I could ask a ton of questions she had to go. Regrettably I never did find out who this notary was. And she has since left that title company and so I never did get any updates or the outcome.. For the record, the loan did close. But, I will admit I have often wondered what became of this intoxicated notary. I hope for her sake that she has gotten help if she needed it or better yet, I am hopeful that this was a one time mistake.

Until next time…be safe!


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