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June 13, 2013

You don’t charge enough, HEY, you overcharged me!

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I got a call from a SVP of AltaPacific Bank in Santa Rosa for me to come notarize documents for 6 publicity firm executives in San Francisco. He immediately began sharing his personal issues of his bad knee and was very personable sharing his difficulties trying to get all these people together at once. When I arrived he met individually with each person having them sign several documents in which they had to fill out forms. Turns out there was only one notarization per person.

I sat through five notarization meetings so the signing took about 50 minutes, 10 minutes per signer. One of the people were out sick so this amounted to five signatures. With my mobile fee, the charge was $70. I considered charging for my time by decided not to especially since I hoped to be called back again one day.

I got another phone call from the banker a few days later asking me to return for the person who was out that day. The banker added that he thought my fee was too low for the amount of time it took and added, “I know you’re trying to beat out the competition, but this bank has enough funds for this transaction so next time charge me more. He ended with a joke, “Just don’t charge me $100 or anything.” I responded with “okay” thinking I would tack on the charge for one hour of my time at $30 for the next visit.

When I went the second time for the one signer when I completed one signature, the banker didn’t offer to pay me for the notarization. I had to sit there waiting for it to dawn on him to pay me for my services. He gave me a credit card I once again used Google Square to slide his card through for payment. He signed for the transaction on my iPhone for $70. The $70 represented the $10 notarization, the $30 charge for my time in the previous meeting(s), and my $30 mobile fee that kicked in for two signature minimum transactions. I have a two signature minimum mobile requirement to prevent me from being called all over the city for one signature transactions. I sometimes wave the minimum such as for low income senior citizens at hospitals but in this case didn’t feel that was applicable, especially after what the banker had said to me.

About two hours later the banker called me in a panic very upset I charged him $70 for what he claimed was “one signature”. He was so hysterical I had allegedly ripped him off that he did not accept my response and was pratically yelling at me. I tried to explain I have a two signature minimum that kicks in a higher mobile fee and that I added the time from the last transaction based on his request, but he didn’t back down so I told him I’d send him a copy of my invoice breaking down the charges.

This elderly banker seemed highly schizophrenic completely obvlivious to the phone conversation we had. He just kept complaining about what I charged him as if I stole money having done something wrong. I’m no spring Chicken and am not naive. He seemed to do this whole thing with the intent of holding me in contempt for any additional charge I made as fraudulent. I had learned in the last meeting he called himself a socialist progressive and was very pleased with the Obamacare ruling.

I’ve never had a customer complain like this, let alone a banker and a well to do publicity firm. I told this man never to call me again and let the publicity firm know their banker was calling harassing about my fees which are probably lowest in the city.

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