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January 18, 2013

Notarization with a Great Dane

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During one signing, a five-month-old Great Dane suddenly latched onto a notary’s arm, tearing and biting at her blouse. For a moment, the dog seemed out of control. The signer and notary dropped everything—literally— until the signer could get the dog under control. The notary went on with the signing—more than many of us would have done. Such professionalism and courage is rare.

The signer was justifiably concerned, even though the notary was not hurt. This is exactly the kind of situation every homeowner and everyone in business wants to avoid! Fortunately, the signing got done and the notary left, still on speaking terms with her client… but not with the dog.

She was not happy and told the dog owner so. The man was scared that the notary would report the incident, but she did not. Why didn’ tshe? Because her bark was worse than her bite.

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