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March 26, 2013

Signing at a 14-room Victorian house

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One time, in a rural setting in the dead of winter, a Massachusetts notary had a strange experience.

While at a signing to refinance the home, an old Victorian 14-room house with adjoining rooms and creaky doors, our Massachusetts notary heard a rocking chair. The sound was coming from the next room. He and the woman who owned the house were sitting in the dining room at a table, signing and notarizing all the paperwork.

Throughout the signing process, the sound kept on. The notary assumed it was another member of the family. Just when the signing was over, a man with red hair walked through the dining room from the next room, into the kitchen, and out the back door.

“Was that your–son?” the notary asked, a bit bewildered as to what he should say. The woman looked strangely at the Massachusetts notary. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean the man who just walked through the room. Was he the one rocking in the living room?”

“I didn’t see anyone,” the woman commented. “But if you’d like, we can have some tea and I can tell you something my husband used to tell me.”

Needless to say, this very serious and successful notary was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Was the woman blind? Was she deaf? Just what was going on? scowled our Massachusetts notary.

It turned out that the husband, who had died, had often heard a rocking chair. The house had no rocking chair, and there was no red-haired man in the house. However, the woman’s husband–and others who had lived there before–had seen a red-haired man from time to time.

On the day our notary was there, the woman saw and heard nothing. Had the red-haired man–a former owner of the house 100 years before–been glad when the signing was finally over…and the present owner was content once more?

“I still don’t know what to think,” says the notary, “and I’m not sure what really happened there. I do believe the woman. I certainly saw something. Maybe that was the spirit of the house, no longer tense and anxious about the finances of its owner. The loan made everything ok.”

Or maybe this is just what the lender would like us all to think.

(1) This notary didn’t have a ghost of a chance.
(2) Notarizing a ghost written document was above this notary’s pay grade.
(3) The ghost of the former owner of this Victorian mansion decided to drop in for the notary signing.
(4) A creaking noise; a sudden thump; This was a notary signing that would raise the dead. #victorianmansion


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  1. I had an eerily similar thing happen. I was doing a reverse mortgage signing with a lady in the dining area of her home. I had a view of the hallway from my chair. Twice during the signing, I saw someone dash from one room, cross the hall and go into another room. I didn’t think anything about it, until her adult son came up from the basement and she mentioned that she and her son were the only two in the house except for glimpses of an occasional stranger who darted from bedroom to bedroom. She laughed. The son scowled and said his mom “saw things.” I mentioned that I had just “seen something” too. He shook his head in disbelief. I don’t know for sure what I saw, but I clearly saw something.
    A month later the lady passed away. I don’t know if the sightings were connected to her imminent death. I’m pretty skeptical as a rule. But this was very strange.

    Comment by Sharon Hopkins — March 29, 2013 @ 4:23 pm

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