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November 26, 2012

You will be all alone with me

Notary Public Virginia – Here is a story that happened recently.

“When I called to confirm the signing, the man said, ‘You do know you will be alone with me.’ I immediately called my husband and although he didn’t want to give up his poker night, he did…because he saw how upset I was. He also brought a weapon, a small handgun, just in case. Now if that happened, I would not go at all! It turns out this man was joking– but it was a very dark sense of humor, and I think there was something wrong with him. He kept twitching all during this signing for a refinance…and I wondered how he could have refinanced at all because the house was so filthy,” says this notary in Virginia.

(1) The notary’s husband had to give up poker night cuz the borrower said, “You will be all alone w/me”
(2) The borrower said, “You will be all alone w/me,” & the signing agent freaked out!


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