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December 1, 2012

Never put your name as the shipper or recipient

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It has come to my attention that quite a few of you are battling collections from Fedex and UPS as a result of companies that have hired you and now because they haven’t paid their bills, or they have skipped town, you are now stuck with a bill. This can lead to a mark on your credit if you are not careful.

For those of you wondering how this could have happened…It starts with the hiring party giving you their account number and the shipping address and once you have completed the assignment having to fill out the shipping label with this information. So you fill out the required fields and you put your name and address as the shipper and them as the recipient. Of course this sounds like the proper why since you are the shipper but please STOP- DONT DO THIS. Put there names as the shipper AND as the recipient. This will serve two purposes. One, if they don’t pay their bills you wont be billed. Second, if the documents are lost in transit, if and when thy are found they will be routed to them not you.

This is the perfect solution to this growing problem. It is very difficult explaining to Fedex’s collection department how you came to be the shipper but you are not the responsible financial party. You did after all put your name in the sender section so as far as they are concerned the bills go to you.

Also remember NOT to accept jobs where you have to bear the return shipping cost. You know the ones where they nonchalantly tell you ‘oh, just pay it and we’ll reimburse you when we pay you for your service. No way! If something happens you may not get reimbursed for any of it. So now not only are you out of print costs, gas, time, etc you’d have the Fedex/UPS fees to deal with as well. If they don’t have an account number to give you they can easily set up one or Paypal you the fees. This is totally THEIR responsibility not yours! By taking these little precautionary measures you can spare yourself allot of grief mentally and financially!

As a side note: Always ask THEM to send you a shipping label. Many of them do this now and this will save you in more ways than one.

Take care, be safe!

Until the next one..

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  1. Good reminder. But you neglected to mention using this course of action only works if you are completing a hardwritten airbill. If you go online to complete an airbill, FedX/UPS already have your contact information, as you have to have an account to ship online.

    Comment by Linda Adams — December 2, 2012 @ 12:53 pm

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