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November 14, 2012

Thou shalt not steal

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Well, it seems that one of longstanding members was called to go out to clean up another notaries mess regarding a Grant Deed that the county clerk would not accept for a couple of reasons. And although she didn’t know it at the time, she took the assignment it was unfortunately going to be someone that she knew. And (sadly) as it so happens, this notary is a member of 123notary. From this point on I will refer to the two notaries as notary #1 (the first notary on the scene) and notary #2 (the notary who was called to fix the first notaries mistakes)

Notary #2 arrives on the scene
When notary #2 got to the home all the original clients were present. There was a mother, daughter and granddaughter. They presented her with the document in question and went on to explained that they had taken the document to the county clerk so it could be recorded and the county clerk had refused to accept it for a couple of reasons and that there was a bottle of oxy cotton missing as well. And this is what started all the events that had followed.

Notary #1 asked the granddaughter to sign the Grant Deed & draws a signature line
When the 1st notary had arrived at the location there was a Grant Deed to be notarized. She asked for their ID’s and got the ID of the mother and daughter. She notarized the two signatures and then unexpectedly drew a line below their signatures after the fact, then wrote the granddaughters name underneath it and told her that she must sign as well (they were all surprised by this as no one had told them that the granddaughter must sign anything) but following the notaries instructions figuring she was the notary after all and must know what she was doing, the granddaughter went off packing to get her ID. While she was off getting the requested ID, it was then when they feel the notary struck and must have taken the oxy because all of them remember that it had been sitting on the night stand/table next to the elderly bedridden mother. So when the granddaughter returned with her ID she had the granddaughter sign and the notary attached an acknowledgement. She then returned the document to them, collected her fee and was out the door.

An Outdated certificate and wrong wording
So, as our notary #2 listened to this story in bewilderment, and as she reviewed the rejected document she wondered to herself why in the world would the notary do this? Why take such a risk? It was clear that she had had the granddaughter sign on a deed that her name was nowhere to be found. She was not included in the vesting but there it was-the line that had been drawn and the granddaughters signature on it, when it was obvious that she was NOT supposed to be on this deed. And not only that, this notary had attached an outdated certificate with incorrect notarial wording. The notary had clearly crossed the line….the clients continue on to tell notary #2 exactly what they think had happened. It seems that the mother is very ill.

The missing bottle of medication and the diversion
She is on various strong medications. Oxy-cotton happened to be one of many of them. It seems that there was a sizable bottle sitting on the night stand next to the elderly mothers bed and ofter the first notary left they went missing. So this is what the clients believed happened. When that very first notary arrived the mother and daughter were under the impression and told by the preparer of the deed that only the mother and daughter had to sign the document. But, they assume the notary having seen the oxy on the nightstand and that she was going to take them decided that she needed a distraction, a diversion. She knew that both the mother and the daughter would not notice as they were both elderly (and as the second notary told me the house was all of a clutter as well). She knew that right off they most likely wouldn’t be missed by them not right away at least, not until they got ready to use them. But, seeing how the granddaughter was much younger and probably would be more aware of the notaries actions the notary had sent her out of the room while she did her dirty deed. And the rest is history.

Notary #1 must have it pretty bad to go to this extreme
Now, as I listened to this story in disbelief and horror, I felt very sad for Notary #1. To go through such risk and such an ordeal for a bottle of medication things must be pretty bad in their life. Either they are addicted to this drug or they desperately need money (I hear they go for a pretty penny on the street) In either case it it apparent that they are desperate and in need of help. I hope and pray that they get it. I thought I had heard it all.

Until next time….

Be safe!

(1) The notary stole a bottle of oxi-cotton from an unsuspecting borrower!
(2) The notary made grandma’s daughter get ID & then swiped a bottle of oxi-cotton!

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