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October 23, 2012

The Notary who updated!

A story about a lady who updated

There was a lady who was a Florida Notary Public listed on 123notary.com. I called her to do a welcome call a few days ago. She had been listed on 123notary in our Jacksonville Notary / Florida Notary section for two weeks. She told me that the first week she was listed on 123notary, most of her information was blank, such as her specialties and her notes section. But then on the 7th day she was listed, she spruced up her information. She added a lot of content to her notes section, and added many different specialties.

This particular Florida Notary reported to us that two days after her updates, the phone started ringing like crazy. She got three jobs from one company, and got called and hired by several additional companies. She got five closings in the week right after she updated.

It is my knowledge that well manicured listings get exponentially more clicks and jobs than those listings where most of the information is not filled out. Notaries with long and informative notes sections get far more work than those with skimpy notes sections. So, this Notary in Florida was not telling me something that was new to me.

However, it was so nice that SHE noticed how powerful quality information is in the web business. Instead of me sounding like a broken record telling the notaries in Florida, or other states how important their notes section is, finally, a notary on my site is TELLING ME, and had an amazing experience as a result.

So, I am very happy that I had a chance to talk to this Notary in Florida. It was inspiring and made me feel charged up! So, for the rest of you notaries listed on 123notary.com, just take a look at your listing, and look at other listings in big metros in the top several placements to see what successful notaries are doing. See if you can add something to your listing to make it sizzle. And don’t be shy to ask for suggestions from us either!

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